Affirmations for attracting love and relationships now

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Here are some positive affirmations for love that use the law of attraction to help you attract and manifest your perfect relationship. Using the law of attraction for relationships is simple, but every relationship is different and people feel and show their love in different ways. The key to attracting the perfect relationship for you is to focus gently on the feeling of loving and being loved as if it were now. That way, you release all resistance and the universal forces can bring it into your life and use the law of attraction to manifest love.

Remember that you should amend or adjust the words as you see fit so that they resonate with your inner being and make you feel good. When you say the words, imagine how you would feel to have what you want.

I have also found it best not to focus on one specific person because if doing that, you are:

1) cutting off all the other potential partners who could be perfect for you, in the pursuit of one who may not be

2) trying to affect the life of another in a way that is misaligned and ignorant of what the other person wants or needs.

Remember too that the best way to attract love is to give it unconditionally. If you find this hard because of past experiences, find something that you do love and focus on the way that you feel about this thing. It could be your pet, your family, your parents, your children, your comfy bed for that matter. Find the things that make you feel good and appreciate those. And gradually you can extend your love out to the world, by offering compassion and friendship, trust and romantic love. Get some momentum going feeling love for anything and everything you can, and then you can begin to focus on the feelings you’ll get by having your perfect relationship. And the simplest way to offer love is through a heartfelt smile. Who knows where that could lead.

The affirmations

  • I am a deeply loving and lovable person and I bring love and light to the universe.
  • I am made of loving energy and I can feel it pulse through me when I close my eyes and focus on my breathing.
  • I love the feeling of the life force in my body and I revitalise myself with each and every breath I take.
  • It feels good, it feels ecstatic, it feels like love.
  • I appreciate the great capacity I have for loving everything: my family, my friends, my life, my house, the trees in the park, the stars in the sky and I know that by giving thanks for the love I give out, I become a more loving person in every moment.
  • The more I love, the more opportunities for love I see around me.
  • I’m so excited to rendezvous with a lover who even now, I know is on their way to meet me, although we do not yet know the exact time and place. But time does not matter.
  • I’m relishing the joy and anticipation I will feel and I can feel it in every cell in my body, now.
  • I’m excited because I know that when we meet, we will connect at the deepest level possible and I can feel the excitement of that in this moment.
  • I trust that everything will fall into place, I don’t know how and I don’t know where, but I know it will.
  • I love the way I feel when I’m in love.
  • Love is my birthright, love is my life, love is who I truly am.

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  1. Great page here!! I understand exactly what you mean! I am currently happily married and understand that you must keep your mind open when your single because you never know where you can meet that special person. I met my wife in an unexpected place also. great post and a great way to live.

    • Thanks for replying Daniel and very glad to see that you are happily married. Keeping in a positive vibe is important to maintain whatever state we want to achieve so great that you can appreciate that. May your happiness last forever. Thanks for stopping by. 

  2. Affirmations are so powerful! I’ve just started using them for self-esteem purposes, and I feel such a shift after I’m done (I usually repeat a phrase 100 times a day).

    I had never thought about it in terms of attracting someone else but it makes perfect sense. great way to raise your vibration. thanks for the suggestions!

    • Hi Penelope.  I’m glad you’re discovered the power of affirmations. They really are a good way to focus your energy. Just make sure that they create the good feeling of the thing you want to manifest otherwise they can work against you.  And they work for anything and everything! 🙂 

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