Affirmations for success and happiness – some examples

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Here are some affirmations to help you create a successful life

Many people dream of a successful life, be that wealth, health or happiness. Affirmations and meditations can really help to focus your thoughts and adjust your feelings to help attract what you desire.

I suggest you sit down in a quiet place, put on some calming music, close your eyes and think about how wonderful you will feel when you have achieved the success you are looking for. Then go over the affirmations in you mind or say them out loud.

You could even make a recording of them and play them back while you meditate and think about your success. Remember that it is the feeling of having achieved the goals that you want to achieve for that is the language of the universe. That way, you will alter your  vibrational frequency and be sending out a message to the universe to attract that frequency that it cannot ignore.

Feel free to alter or change the words to something that resonates with your own personality. These are some that resonate with me, and if they work for you, then fine. But if not, just change them to something that feels better to you.

I wish you all success.


I invite success into everything I do and everything I do carries me closer to achieving all my amazing dreams and goals.

I anticipate success and wake up every day with an expectation and excitement for all the wonderful things that will come, for I know that around every corner, are hundreds of opportunities just waiting for me to explore.

I focus on creating my success every day and proactively visualise my desired outcomes as if they were here now.

I see my success as already a part of my everyday reality.

I feel immense joy and anticipation for the great happiness my own success will bring to my family, my loved ones and myself.

I go about my day with confidence knowing that whatever happens today, the sun will always come up tomorrow to light my way.

I am grateful for everything I have achieved so far and fully appreciate where I am right now, for I know that this path has led me to a greater understanding of how I can improve my world in the future.

I always celebrate other people’s success, however small, because I know that we are all one, and EVERYONE  benefits from the continued creation of happiness, health and wealth in the world.

I help other people and give back whenever I can, because it costs a candle nothing, to light another candle.

Here’s to all of our success.

In love and light.


If you want to know more about meditating or affirmations, I recommend using some subliminal programming music and affirmations which are available on youtube or you can find many of my favourite ones here.

Make sure you are getting the best from your affirmations too – read my post about how to ensure success with affirmations. 

If you are looking to attract a relationship, click here for more affirmations.

For more resources and books from some of the best spiritual and motivational sources around, click here.

I’ve also listed links to a couple of my all time must have’s which are free here.


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Hi. I'm Gail and I'm a teacher, coach, writer and blogger who has been involved with self-development and the performing arts for over 30 years. I'm passionate about helping people to develop their full potential and I've studied education, the law of attraction, personal development and NLP which I write about on this site.

I love working with people of all ages and backgrounds and truly believe that we are all unique, unlimited creative beings who can do wonderful things with a positive attitude and spiritual outlook on life.

Here's to your continued success.



    • Thanks for reading and leaving a comment Michael. I’m glad you found the affirmations useful. I use different affirmations daily to help me through the day. All the best and thank you for visiting. Gail

  1. Thanks for a wonderful post! I agree that affirmations can change our intention and help us move effortlessly toward our goals.This is a good reminder to me how I would like to create my life and my relationship with people. Indeed, this is a language of the Universe that follows the law of attraction!

    • Thank you for your kind comments Olina. As you know this site is all about making the law of attraction work for you so anything I can do to help, just ask. Affirmations have definitely helped me.

  2. Hi. Thank you for posting this article. I am a strong believer in affirmations and mind set. I really enjoyed this and found some great suggestions. Thank you.

    • Thank you for reading. I’m glad you found it helpful. I use affirmations daily and they really help to lift my mood and remind me of my true purpose. Hope you have a great day. Gail

  3. Gail, they are such uplifting statements, I’m sure they will support me in my every day lower and slower moments, as well as motivate me to work towards my ultimate goals. Thank you ever so much!

    • You’re very welcome. Thank you for reading and taking time to reply. I’m a firm believer that we are what we think about so I really try to monitor my thoughts. I also believe in helping others and celebrating their success too and that also sends a powerful message to the universe that we are on the positive side! Have a great day. Gail

    • Thanks Ganesh. That’s the idea. It’s best if people personalise affirmations to suit themselves but these can be used as a starting point. Have a wonderful day. Gail

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