How to live in the now: make every moment count

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Each day the sun rises
Each day the sun sets
How will YOU make this
Your greatest day yet?

I like this little ditty because if reminds me that every day of our lives is a special day and we should treat them as such – today is no different. Sure, there are birthdays and weddings and anniversaries, weekends and holidays but each day has 24 hours, varying amounts of daylight and darkness according to the time of the year and the hemisphere in which we reside, and for each of us, today could be our best day yet. It is our calling, nay our DUTY to make today a GREAT DAY. But ‘how to live in the now?’ – that is the question.

“And why?” I hear you say. My answer is simple – because today is when we are living the NOW moment and that is the only one we can really experience and the only one that really matters. So every minute of every day matters, including this one, right here, right now!

Just think about it for moment:

If I told you that today was going to be your last day on earth, what would you do now and what would you plan for today?

If I told you that today was going to be THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, what would you do now and what would you plan for the day?

No one knows how long we have living on the planet. It could be anything from a few days, a few months, hours or even centuries.

We may have some predetermined notion of what a lifetime means for us, or what we are hoping for, but only our higher self really knows exactly what we intended when we came here. It knows that we intended to make every day a special day full of joyous creation, basking in the glory of who we truly are as spiritual and creative beings.

Your higher self is with you 24/7, 365 and a quarter days a year, supporting and guiding you. It wants you to be happy in every moment because that is one of the reasons you came to this time/space reality we call earth in the first place – to create your own experience and enjoy it, thereby expanding the experience of the universe for the benefit of all. It is our evolution.

WOW – and you thought you were trying to figure out whether to be a teacher, a doctor or a lawyer, right?!

I jest of course, but the fact is, many of us are not living fully according to these principles. We do not set out to make every day and every moment special. Many of us are so caught up in what happened in the past or what might happen in the future, that we do not even notice the seconds of the NOW moment ticking by.

The truth is, we are all vibrational beings whose only connection to the material world is through the NOW of THIS MOMENT. It is only thing that we can truly feel.

What we hear, see, taste, touch and feel are the translations of the vibrations of NOW. A bell rings, and we translate the vibrating air as the sound of the bell. It is immediate, it is of the moment. If we want to ‘hear’ the bell again, we need the same air vibrations as the bell is struck, or else we are simply recreating our memory of what we interpreted as the bell.

We cannot experience yesterday again, since it is gone. We sometimes kid ourselves into thinking we can, but what we are really experiencing is something that we recreate in our brains which we interpret as the past. It is not yesterday’s emotions, it is a NOW emotion that we are recreating – and here’s the big reveal – that means that we can choose to recreate that moment NOW, in whatever way we want.

So if we were bullied as a child, we can choose to remember that moment with hatred, with fear or with forgiveness. What we choose to remember is what we will feel in the NOW moment.

The same is similar about our future moments. When we project our thoughts into the future, we are only really experiencing the NOW moment of a projection that we are creating in the moment. So we can look into the future, (yes, you’ve guessed it) with hatred, fear or love, or a myriad of any other emotions we choose.

The point being that we are choosing those emotions in the NOW. And we have control over that, 100%.

Which means that we have the ability to choose our emotional response to anything in the moment.

We can choose to experience whatever we want, in the NOW moment.

We are not slaves to our emotions – we are masters of them. They guide us in each moment but it is US who are ultimately in control because we are in control of our thoughts. So if we come across something in a day that does not feel so good, we have the ability, the intention and the power to change our thoughts into some that does feel good. Every minute of every day. We can choose happiness, despondency or despair. The choice is ours.

So why do so many of us settle for so little in each moment compared to what we could have if we thought about it differently?

This is a question that perplexes me. When I look around, I see so many of us telling ourselves negative and limiting things all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME.

We moan about this and that, we see all the negative things around us and this only serves to reinforce our feelings that the world is not such a positive place, that we are meant to struggle our way through it and that we it will always be that way since it is always what happens.

We then start to feel that this is ‘normal’ and ‘just the way it is’, so we give up looking for the good in things, striving for excellence and settle into our life expecting the worst. Instead of seeing each moment as an amazing moment to be experienced and enjoyed, and praising our ability to manifest in such a wonderful and creative way, many of us seem only able to look around at the world we have created and complain about it.

But we forget that it is yesterday’s thoughts that created what we are living now. And in the process of being so negative, we shut out the good that is trying to get in, IN THE MOMENT WE ARE LIVING, and settle for less than we are worth or should expect.

Are you doing that now?

Are you actively engaging with a positive thought process now? Are you thinking that today is going to be the best day ever and all your dreams will start today? Or are you stuck in the past or worried about the future?

If we just drag on through each day without giving it much thought, It becomes a drab day, a dull day, a day like any other. We have been SO conditioned over the centuries that life should be a struggle and without that struggle, our life is somehow less worthy than it ought to be, that we now happily allow ourselves to settle for less. We work hard, yes. We put in SO much EFFORT for SO little reward because we expect it to be so. And then we consider it “NORMAL!” Argh…….who really wants to be ‘normal?”

I say ‘happily’ here, but the term is not used literally, because most of us are not at all happy thinking like this. But we exist, we survive We get through each day, putting up with our own mediocrity of thought in the hope that one day in the dim and distant future, all will be well and we will receive our reward in some heavenly forever, because we persevered through our life on earth

Can anyone else see the flawed nature of this ‘reality’ as we call it?

Are you waiting to die before you start enjoying your life?

This is procrastination on such a massive scale and for what purpose? I can think of none!

We all hope for a long and happy life, and I truly wish that for you if that is what you wish for yourself. Yesterday is gone, let it go with grace and gratitude. Tomorrow will be what you make it today. The only time that matters is NOW.

So ask yourself this question today, and answer it honestly:

What will you do today that is different from yesterday?

There’s a wonderful old adage that goes:

“If you always do what you’ve always done
You’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Why not make today an amazing “NEW START DAY”?

Why not commit to thinking and doing things differently today and see what you can enjoy in every moment you have today?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Look around you and make a list of the positive things you already have, and then say ‘thank you – you are amazing’
  • Start by appreciating your life, your breath, your health and your breathing. Even if there are things you need to address in your health, appreciate the breath flowing through your body – renewing every cell, every second
  • Look out of your window and appreciate the weather – regardless of whether it is raining, snowing, windy or sunshine – today the weather is a perfect representation of that weather system – it always is – how amazing is that?
  • Call up your family and tell them how much you love them and do it without focusing on anything else – make sure you really feel the love you give, when you give it. It will come back to you over and over again.
  • Go for a walk in nature and really take the time to ‘smell the roses’ – or whatever flowers, plants or wildlife you encounter. I guarantee if you are ‘in the moment’, you will see everything differently today.


What’s the worst that could happen? You never know – you could discover something new – that you are truly free to enjoy your life in every moment – how brilliant would that be?!

Have a wonderful day of discovery.

Love and light,

Feel free to add your comments below about something new that you have done today and any new insight that it brought.


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  1. What a powerful and motivating post. Thank you for sharing. I think we can all get caught up in the ‘what if’s’ in our life and sometimes we can forget just to be thankful for the here and now. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely words of inspiration. Best wishes, Karen

    • Hi Karen and thank you for your comment too. I like the fact that you can appreciate the now, and I glad that you like that post because I really wanted to inspire anyone who reads it to take time out of their daily schedule to just breathe in who they really are in a moment. It’s amazing when you do that. All the best and thanks again for reading. Gail

  2. Thank you for this beautiful article. You could not be more right about the need to live in the now.

    Many people let things in the past prevent them from enjoying their life. They worry that those types of things will happen again and they just stay in the same place in life in fear of being hurt or failing again. If we can just let go of the past and live in the moment, things would look so much better. We would all be much happier as well.

    After I finished reading this, I looked out my window and really appreciated the beautiful blue skies with their wispy white clouds passing by. Such a beautiful sight, that I often take for granted and forget to soak in every once in a while. Thanks for the pleasant reminder to stop and smell the roses and just appreciate life’s little things.


    • Thank you Tabitha and thanks for reading. I’m glad you were able to take advantage of the moment and appreciate the blue skies around you. We have had some similar skies today in the UK after a few weeks of quite grey ones. But even those are to be appreciated if we live in the moment. We can appreciate them for their ever-changing perfection which really is something to behold. I hope you find beauty in the rest of your day. And then of course, there is your very wonderful tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks for commenting. Gail

  3. Wow Gail, awesome post!

    I struggle with the negativity daily. I was so caught up in it for years and now that I am actively seeking happiness, I see so much of it in others. It took a lot of work to see how negative I was. In the early stages I was appalled by my attitude!
    Mirror work, EFT, and affirmations as well as studying LOA showed me how much better my life can be if I just move toward the good.
    I am still working on mindfulness and being in the moment and enjoying it, because I have been so fearful and afraid of things, and so I have been living in the past and the future.

    Thank you for your amazing article and the reminder to enjoy life right now!

    • Hi Irma. Thank you for reading and for your honest comments. Being honest with yourself is often the first step to overcoming whatever it is that is holding us back, be that negativity, fear of failure or fear or success. I’m glad that you have found studying some spiritual things helpful and that you have come to a better understanding now about yourself. That’s great. I wrote an article on tapping and EFT on the site as well which you might find useful if you like that as it is a great way to overcome a lot of anxiety. Have a look at: as well.
      Remember that every moment of every day, we have the ability to recreate our emotions and our lives the way we want to. No one is in more charge of your life than you are. Sounds like you are making some excellent progress here though so well done for that. Have a wonderful day. Gail

  4. I really want to live in the now, but it’s not always easy when thing “just happen”, when going to work, try to do all the tasks, answer all the “important” mail, it’s easy to just forget the now.
    Lot of good ideas in this post, and It’s so true the if you always do what you always done, you always get what you always got..
    Thank you Gail for Sharing

    • Hi Johnny. Thanks for reading the article and leaving a comment. I realise that mastering your thoughts takes time and effort and it’s perfectly fine to become involved in the task at hand, e.g. answering your emails. It’s even good to dream about the future too, just appreciate where you are now as well. It’s about balance.
      Glad you liked the quotes and ideas too.

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