I believe in you

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Want to know how to believe in yourself for creating the life you want?

Here’s a poem I wrote to help you have faith in yourself, based on the belief I have of you as an unlimited and amazing spiritual being. 

sun in your hand

Have faith in yourself
And all that you do
The world will be well
When dreams are held true
There’s no greater power
In heaven or earth
Than one who believes
In their dreams and their worth
The seeds have been sown
There’s nothing to do
Except know the faith
That I have in you
The world is your oyster
So please understand
That all you desire
Is now in your hands


Remember this every day.

YOU hold the key to creating the life you want.

See why positive thinking can help you improve your life.

© Gail Lowe 2017


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Hi. I'm Gail and I'm a teacher, coach, writer and blogger who has been involved with self-development and the performing arts for over 30 years. I'm passionate about helping people to develop their full potential and I've studied education, the law of attraction, personal development and NLP which I write about on this site.

I love working with people of all ages and backgrounds and truly believe that we are all unique, unlimited creative beings who can do wonderful things with a positive attitude and spiritual outlook on life.

Here's to your continued success.



  1. Hi Gail,

    What a great poem, thank you for sharing your gift with us.

    Hope to read more from you.
    Have an amazing day.

    Carmine from WA

  2. That is a very inspiring poem. I too believe in the power of believing in self. I’ve seen the amazing things that can happen in a person’s life once they shun doubt and believe in themselves. Just like you said..”the world will be well when dreams come true.”. Thank you for sharing.

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