Law of attraction and money: abundance in 4 easy steps

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The relationship between the law of attraction and money is one of the conundrums we have created in our universe. Most of us would like more money in our lives. In fact, for many of us, the desire for more money is one of the main driving forces we have, either consciously or subconsciously, on a daily basis. We work hard at school because our parents told us that in order to get money, we needed to get a good job and we needed to have good qualifications in order to get a good job. So we strive, get the qualifications we need, get a ‘steady job’ and still we never seem to have enough money. We’ve fulfilled all the requirements that we were told; we are conscientious, we are kind, we are good people, but somehow there is always too much month left at the end of the money – why is that?

The problem is that what we have been told about money and abundance is untrue although we steadfastly cling on to that belief because it is reinforced by our society everywhere we look – in the schools, in the media, in the ‘evidence’ we see around us. Then we become frustrated and try to work harder in order to get more money and the cycle of despondency starts again.

The truth is, only a tiny percentage of us actually regularly do the one thing that would bring us more money with much less effort; which is to align our vibration (think your innermost feelings) with our desire for more money or a financially-free way of life.

So why is this and what can we do to change it?

What would you say if I told you we can all be rich?
Or that there is no competition for money or resources in the world?

Or that you can be, do or have anything you want?

What would your response be?

The answers and reactions you have to these three simple statements will tell you much about how you think about money, your underlying thoughts about it and your relationship to it. So think again! What did you truly answer to the questions above?

Was it something along the lines of?

  • Tell that to my bank balance!
  • Tell that to the people starving in the third world
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Yes we can all be spiritually rich – of course I believe that, but we can’t all be financially rich
  • There is only a certain amount of gas, coal or oil in the world, so resources are definitely limited
  • I can’t do anything I want because I have …….(insert your current excuse in here….e.g. I have a bad heart, a bad leg, one leg, children to think about, cancer, responsibilities, no qualifications, no time, no money…..)
  • What you say is utter nonsense!

Or did you react by saying something like?

  • Money doesn’t make you happy
  • Lots of rich people are corrupt in some way
  • Money isn’t everything
  • That’s easy to say but it’s not easy to do
  • Rich people have mostly got to where they are by using other people
  • I’d rather be happy than have money anyway

Or was it something based on semi-religious teachings such as?

  • Money is the root of all evil
  • The love of money is the root of all evil
  • It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven
  • You can’t be rich and spiritual – the two are incompatible

As I said, the way you answered these questions (truthfully) will tell you a lot about what you think deep down about money and show you where your dominant thoughts about money really lie. And for many of us, the truth is that our underlying thoughts and feelings about money are negative ones based on feelings of competition, lack, or unworthiness.

We have been conditioned by our parents, teachers, governments and authorities to believe that we are really living in a competitive world and that money is a limited resource that some will have and some will have not. Money causes most of us angst, we stress over money, we fight over money and ultimately we kill, or allow our governments to kill on our behalf, for the ‘limited’ resources we believe are on the planet.

Now I am not berating our parents, teachers, governments and spiritual leaders. For the most part, those people and institutions were acting in the best intentions, or what they believed to be the best intentions, reiterating what they themselves were taught.

Unfortunately, the result is that the human race has become very good at thinking negatively about abundance and money, (mostly out of ignorance or a misunderstanding rather than out of malice) but most of us still think negatively about it.

When was the last time you said or thought any of the following about money for example?

  • There’s plenty more where that came from
  • Of course there’s more than enough to go round
  • Don’t worry, we’ll just buy another one
  • Here, you take the extra $50/£50/Euro 50 – it’s only money
  • There’s always enough to spare and enough to share

For most of us, the answer is usually ‘almost never’ which is why many of us are suffering from lack of money and abundance, or rather a perceived lack of money or abundance; because most of our thoughts about money are on this ‘lack’ frequency. We know through the law of attraction, that what we think about consistently is what we will attract. So most of us are reinforcing our lack of money with our thoughts and therefore that’s exactly what we get – more ‘lack of money!’

We are constantly undermining our desire for more money with our own thoughts about money.

The good thing is, we can all change the way we think about money and align ourselves with more positive feelings in order to manifest more money into our lives – and yes, I do mean into your actual, physical bank balance, although somewhat ironically I feel, most of us have ‘virtual’ money anyway that only really exists in a computer or a piece of plastic!

The 4 steps I have outlined below will help you to do this:

1. Start consciously noticing all your thoughts, words and actions about money

2. Change any negative thoughts, words and actions about money into positive ones

3. Practice using positive affirmations, visualisations and feelings about money

4. Forget about it and allow the money to flow to you and through you.

Let’s take these one by one:

Step 1. Start consciously noticing all your thoughts, words and actions about money

You have already begun to do this just by reading this post. Hopefully, I have drawn your attention to some of your underlying thoughts about money and you should now be more able to recognise how you think about it. Some people dread the post coming each day in case it is another bill, or have stomach cramps when they think about money, or are enacting out a depressive state (consciously or subconsciously) when they even just think about their bank balance.

If you are like that, you will most likely know it at a very acute level. Others will only just begin to realise that how they think about money is not always in a positive, anticipatory light. We don’t all have an obvious ‘lack of money’ consciousness with extreme reactions such as those described, but many of us do have negative thoughts about money which are affecting our chances of us manifesting it. Noticing and understanding these thoughts is the first step in being able to change them to bring us a better outcome, i.e. more money!

Step 2. Change any negative thoughts, words and actions about money into positive ones

Now you can recognise your thoughts correctly, you can set about changing them. You may have to do this consciously at first, but with practice, you will begin to change the subconscious way you feel about money from that of concern or stress to the feeling of excitement and anticipation.

Let’s take a simple example: if you currently believe money is a limited resource, then ask yourself how, as a species, have we managed to not only invent it, but increase the money in our societies with every new sunrise? Every day we create more money, we interact with each other using more money, the GDPs of almost every country have increased across time because we are the ones creating the money and wealth. It does not exist independently of us. We are the creators. We are the ones giving money it’s value, or diamonds for that matter, or gas, or oil, or whatever you choose. If it stopped raining tomorrow, then water would become one of the most sought after substances on the planet and the ‘value’ we place on it would change overnight. Think about how our species used to covert fur coats – they were considered a luxury item, the fashion signature of the rich and famous. Nowadays, the value we place on this item has been turned on its head. The same is true for lots of things – wool, sugar, salt – all were highly valued in the past but have changed in value over the years.

The point I’m making here is that the physical paper and metal that we think of as ‘money’ has no real intrinsic value in itself, it is just a means of exchange – one that is based on how we relate to each other and to the value we place on it. And we are constantly changing and adjusting that. I have some old style British £10 notes but they are worth a different amount to their face value because this currency has been phased out. Money is not limited – we simply print, invent, change it to suit ourselves.

If a government decided to, it could easily multiply the currency in each person’s bank account by 10, or 100 or 100,000 simply by adding zeros to the numbers we use. In history, there have been times when currency has been devalued or revalued to suit the government and economic situation at the time. The invention of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or hundreds of others like it, is testament to the fact that we are creating the wealth of our world as we go along. There is no limit to the money or wealth we can create – only that which exists within our imagination. If you play monopoly for a couple of hours, you can become a ‘millionaire’and for that short space of time, you feel like a millionaire. Money is on the one hand a complex, internationally-traded commodity that from the outside could be seen to have intrinsic value. But delve deeper, think creatively about it and you will see that all money is, is a consensual agreement between two or more people. And when you start seeing money for what it really is, you can see that your manipulation of it is within your power.

Step 3. Practice using positive affirmations, visualisations and feelings about money

You do not really want ‘stuff’ – you want the feeling that you think the ‘stuff’ will create within you. What most of us fail to remember is that we can have that anytime because we are in charge of creating feelings. It is ultimately only YOU who can create a feeling within YOU.

An affirmation is a statement of the existence or truth of something; like saying “I am a human being.” It is something that you can believe and allocate a feeling to – in this case, we want a positive feeling to be attached to the affirmation. Even better if you can visualise yourself having the things you want so that you engage your visual cortex. When you engage your visual cortex, your brain is tricked into thinking you ‘see’ something when in reality, it is only really translating the vibrations and frequencies of the light that hit the back of the retina.

Your brain cannot distinguish between something that is real and something that is imagined, it only translates the vibrations that are around it. (Click here for a link to a scientific paper on this subject, and for Dr David R Hamilton’s excellent explanation in plain English of what it means, click here. That is why many dreams feel ‘real’ to us when we are having them.

As we know from our law of attraction work, feeling the vibration of what you want will attract energy of a similar vibration which will eventually lead to it being manifested provided we allow it to flow (see step 4).

Engaging in visuallisations and affirmations so that you create the vibrational feeling of what you want will cause the universe to answer.
Imagine what you would do with lots of money if you had it – and I mean LOTS of money.

  • What would you buy?
  • Who would you help?
  • What dreams would you fulfill?
  • Where would you go?
  • What experiences would you allow yourself to have?

If you really think about these things, focus in on them and allow the potential of them to fill every cell in your body, you will know that you are aligning with source energy because you will notice a large grin emerging on your face that you cannot erase. Your body will start to buzz with anticipation and you will feel a warmth and excitement that you just know is “YOU -on the right track!”

Why Use An Affirmation?

Affirmations have been used by people for millennia to assert their place in the world. Descartes is famous for his 1639 classic assertion, “I think therefore I am“ and to this day, I believe this to be one of the most powerful affirmations there is on many levels.

Using affirmations is a very effective way to empower your subconscious – like giving it a command – but it must be stated in a positive way, since our subconscious cannot process negative instructions. The universal law of attraction is based on just that, attraction – there is no negative equivalent. For example, you cannot tell yourself not to think of a pink elephant without picturing a pink elephant in your mind. It’s just the way it works. You automatically think of the thing you are telling yourself not to do. Don’t think of the answer to 2+2; don’t think of where you live; don’t think of your partner/children. In each case, you cannot not think of them. Therefore if your affirmations are saying “I don’t want to be poor” all you are attracting is “I want to be poor” because that is the image you will create in your mind and that is the vibration you will offer.

Affirmations are also stronger if they are made in the present tense and in the first person – i.e. an affirmation of “I am rich now” is more effective than an affirmation saying, “I am getting better at being rich.” However, here’s the rub – if you don’t FEEL rich now when you say it, but instead you feel your “lack of riches’ then it would be much better to say something more general so that you can actually FEEL it is correct – such as “I am getting better at being rich” or “Every day my wealth increases” or “I love knowing that my financial situation is improving daily”. If you find there is resistance there when you think about money, try tapping to get rid of your anxiety until you feel more at ease with your new beliefs.

To be most effective, an affirmation should be repeated as this will influence your subconscious more. You can also write out your affirmations in a journal which can help too. The most important thing is to FEEL the affirmation – use your imagination to create the situation you want and focus on feeling what that would be like.

Here are some affirmations that you can use to help attract money and abundance bearing in mind that abundance can mean a whole gamut of things, not just money, but health, energy, vitality and awareness too.

Some suggested affirmations

  • I am an unlimited creative being and I bring light and love to the universe
  • Money is always flowing to me and through me
  • The more money I have, the more good I can do
  • Money comes to me on a regular basis from expected and unexpected sources
  • I am excited about the prospect of receiving more money
  • I am grateful for all the abundance I have, and I have lots of abundance
  • Money is part of my birth right along with good health and happiness
  • Money feels good to me, I can always get money and I can do great things with it
  • My life is abundant in so many ways, money is just one of them
  • Money is just another form of positive energy which we can easily exchange with others
  • I exchange money freely and with blessings
  • I love my money and money loves me

As always, feel free to adopt, change or adapt the affirmations to suit yourself and what resonates with you and makes you feel good. When you say the words, imagine how you would feel to have what you want. I like to visualise the things I will buy, a new house for example; the places I will take my children, to Disney World; and what I will do to give back to the world. When visualising for money, I always try to imagine myself and my children in Africa helping set up clean water in villages where they currently have none. I see us all running around having fun with local people and celebrating the water that our money has enabled in that community. Don’t get me wrong – I visualise plenty of stuff for me too, but giving back is also important and it helps me to know that by being more prosperous myself, I can help others. After all, it will be easier for me to help more people as a millionaire than as a pauper!

Remember it is the feeling you have when you affirm the affirmation that is important – the words are powerless in themselves.

If you find feeling good about money difficult at first because you are looking around at where you are instead of where you want to be, then use something much more general first to get into the feeling of abundance, and then work up to money. It will not matter what you are thinking about, as long as you are feeling joyful and abundant. For when you feel joyful about anything, abundance generally responds and you will get more abundance, including money.

Remember that the universe expands proportionately according to the feelings of abundance.

Think and feel abundant = Receive more abundance

Think and feel lack = Receive more lack

Try just closing your eyes and feel your breath moving in and out of your body – without effort, without stress. There is an abundance there; abundance of air, abundance of oxygen, abundance of inner peace if you would just stop the noise and let yourself experience it.

Now move on, feel the abundance of space around you, the abundance of cells in your body, the abundance of thoughts that you have on a daily basis. You have an abundance of energy, of life force flowing through you; an abundance of stars in the sky, of leaves on the trees.

Step 4. Forget about it and allow the money to flow to you, and through you.

This is arguably the hardest step of all but it is also the easiest. Hardest only because we have in the past, become so practiced at our negativity that it is sometimes less easy to release that to allow in the things we want. The best way to tackle this is to forget about the money for a while and simply focus on doing things that create joy in your life and allow you to align with your higher self’s view of money, which is always positive and beneficial.

Look around you at the amazing things you already have and start giving thanks for those on a daily basis; ignore the things that you don’t have. Remember that everything you have is only a response to the feelings and thoughts you’ve had in the past. Those feelings are gone but be grateful for them because they have brought you to where you are now. And the vantage point you now have, has allowed you to recognise the things you don’t want, in order to identify the things that you do want, so don’t beat yourself up about where you currently stand. Instead, give thanks that you can now appreciate all that you have created in the knowledge that you can now create even more for yourself in line with you true aspirations and dreams. What an amazing thing that is. Think of the wonderful things that you can now create and achieve with this new-found perspective. Enjoy the new alignment you now feel with this increased positive awareness and feel eagerness for the manifestations which will come.

You do not need to know how these things will come, just trust that they will and do not look for obstacles – then “get out of your own way!”

It’s a bit like getting on a bus to get to your destination. It doesn’t matter which stop you get on at or where you start from, as long as you get on the right number bus! Once you’re on the bus, your starting point is immaterial – only your destination has meaning so focus on that. And if you can’t focus on that, then just relax and focus on nothing. The worst thing to do is to focus on how long it will take, or how the universe will deliver because this will put negative ideas in the way of your amazing, conscious creation.

You don’t have to DO anything in this stage other than let the universe in, but many of us become frustrated and give up, focusing again on our lack. The trick is, DON’T! Just stay focused on what you want, feeling good, grateful and abundant, and it will manifest into your life.

I don’t usually like quoting from specific scriptures but in this case, the Christian bible, Luke 12:27 has an interesting observation: “Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labour or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.”
I’d just say they got out of their own way!

I hope this post has been helpful to those seeking greater monetary abundance and wish you all success at Wealthy Affiliate.

Some final things to remember

  1. You cannot improve your financial position whilst complaining about the money or lack or money you currently have.
  2. To quote a famous song: “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish”. Don’t worry about where you are now, just focus on where you want to be.
  3. If you want prosperity and abundance, you have to become an emotional and vibrational match to that. If you can feel abundant about anything, anything at all, the universe will respond with abundance. So if you are feeling consistently joyful and happy about your abundance of oxygen, the universe will bring you more abundance, including money.
  4. Be careful how you describe money – make sure you always have a positive word and thought about it.
  5. Appreciation is key. Be grateful for what you already have.

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  1. Hi, It is a very nice reading. I try to memorize the 4 step about money: 1. positive about money; 2. avoid negative about money; 3; positive affirmations about money; and 4. allow money to follow to me and through me. Very educational. My wife just came to my study and asked me what I am doing. I told her I am working on my website. She always inform me that I work too much and get nothing, since I put all my spare time on my website. But I think by hard working I will be rewarded soon. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment Anthony. You got it right but you can always bookmark the post so you don’t have to memorise it. Good luck with your website too; all things take a little time and I’m sure your wife is proud of your efforts. All the best. Gail

  2. This article and others like it needs to be read by all. When we learn to change our mindset we can change our lives. I agree one must learn to follow their core beliefs. We all have negative thoughts, doubts, and no confidence in our abilities to accomplish goals. It is when we learn to recognize that negative energy for what it is and let it go. It is not easy, but there are sources out there that can guide you. And the author of this post is one of them.

    • Thanks Maurice for your kind words and for taking the time to read and reply. I agree that it would be great if more people could understand the links between what we think about and what we create as our life experience. I also believe that the universe will deliver the messages to those who are ready and able to understand it when the time is right too. So I write my posts so that when people are ready, the words are there! Thanks again. Gail

  3. Hi Gail. To be honest I have never thought about money in this way before. I guess I am guilty of negative thoughts to and did not know it, lol. I see the process behind this and I will be looking into it more as I would like more money to flow my way. Thanks for a very interesting read. I just read an article on self-hypnosis and I am now thinking if I can use it to change my thought patterns with what u have suggested. Just a thought. 🙂


    • Hi Carl. Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. I think many of us are conditioned about money so we don’t think that are attitude towards it is ‘negative’; we just think of it as ‘normal’ but that just keeps us where we are. I have used self-hypnosis for many years to help with many issues in my life and I highly recommend it. It is just another way of controlling and focusing your thoughts and attention. Good luck with your research – you may find that what you need now flows to you easily, the answers you seek will now find you. 🙂

  4. There’s much I can say to this; however, one thing that I believe is that if people were taught money as children, how to budget, how to live contently within their means it would alleviate a lot of negative stereotypes. Again, there’s so much I can say on this topic.

    • Thanks Lane for your comment and I agree with you about teaching children about money. There is so much focus on learning facts in schools nowadays just so that they can pass exams that we miss many of the important lessons about life such as money, emotional intelligence and tolerance. Wouldn’t it be a great place if we truly believed that our role was to help our children learn how to think rather than what to think. Now that would put the cat among the pigeons for sure! 🙂 Thank you for your time and feel free to come back often with more ideas. Gail

  5. Hello there! I’m a college student and I’m having hard time with my financial aid. I needed more money to supply my needs in my school and for myself. I believe in law of attraction. The more you give the more you receive. This is the thing my parents taught me when I was a kid. Reading your article is very helpful since I want to earn money. These 4 steps of yours are really helpful and interesting. I hope that doing this 4 steps can help me earn more money. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Hi John.  I’m glad you found the article helpful and I really hope that you can find the financial freedom that you deserve and that is yours (and everyone else’s) birthright.  The main thing to remember is that it is the feelings you create around money that are important. Look out into the morning sky and feel abundant, be grateful for everything you have now and more will flow – it is law. Have a wonderful day. Gail

  6. I am not a believer in the law of attraction. There will always be people that will complain about money.

    There are 2 types of people really. The broke and the poor.

    The broke is one which has been a victim of economic downfall or poor business decisions.

    The poor will always stay poor unless there is a change in their mindset of how they view about money.

    As a hint buy low sell high is how every business works.

    • Thanks for commenting on the post Shelvave even though you are not a ‘believer’ as you say. You make some good points about how business works and I agree that ‘buying low and selling high’ is the model that many people have agreed between themselves as to how they will fund themselves through their life. To me, it doesn’t matter if people believe or don’t believe in the law of attraction as I am definitely not in the business of ‘converting’ people. The great thing is that it is working in everyone’s life if they believe it or not, like gravity. We don’t need to believe it in order to stop ourselves from floating off into space. What I also like about your comment is the recognition of how mindset can affect outcome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I wish you a successful year ahead. Gail 

  7. What a very well-written and inspirationally informative article! You give so many sound examples, from the abundance of cells in my body or leaves in the trees, as a parallel to the abundance of money. And your points about how money is something we create and agree to assign value to, is well-taken. Take a look at how nations just print what they need. As long as we all agree the money has value, it does. I love affirming the money and its value in my life,and being thankful for it and for all that I can do with it. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

    • Hi Annie. Thanks for your kind words and I’m glad that you found the article useful and inspiring as that is my intention with the site. I agree with you that being grateful is one of the keys that allows everything to flow into your experience so looking for the little things is a great way to start and work up to the bigger things. Being consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings towards everything, allows us to analyse what we are doing in relation to the outcomes we are getting. I wish you all the best in your creating and hope you get all that you want in life. Come back anytime to the site as I post regularly on a number of related topics. 

  8. Excellent article to reflect on how to view money from the outside. I resonate with your thoughts, because it’s not about money but about how we think and feel about it.

    You used some bible verses to make that clear and I think if we “detach” from our money, that’s where freedom begins and happiness starts. And also money starts to flow better. Sounds contradictory, but it’s very true!


    • Thanks for your thoughts Oscar. Glad you found some appeal in it. I have been studying the law of attraction for a while now and what I’m noticing is that ‘allowing’ things in is where a lot of us have difficulty. We can easily focus our thoughts and the universe responds, but like you say, we have to then ‘let it go’ and not worry about it, in order for things to manifest – the old ‘faith’ thing. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to reply. Hope you have a great year ahead. Gail

  9. I love this post, thanks for sharing your thoughts in depth on how we should examine our relationship with wealth and abundance. I mean, in abstract, everyone wants to be wealthy but then when you dig a bit deeper, there’s all this fear and morality around money. And, it’s a great reminder that there is UNLIMITED WEALTH out there, and one of the simplest things we can do is be open to attracting it to us.

    • Thanks Penelope for reading and replying. I agree that there is unlimited wealth and that’s why I wrote the article. I’ve been examining my own mindset towards money and there is always something to learn. I’m also really careful now about what I say or do not say to my children, as I was definitely brought up with the ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ mindset and the morality that rich people don’t go to heaven. It takes a lot of mindfulness to tackle so many years of ingrained thinking, although I know my parents did it with my best interests at heart. Thanks again for your comment and have a wonderful day.

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