There are many resources available to help you consciously create the life you want and in true, law of attraction style, you have arrived on this page because you have an affinity with the items on it. I have chosen 4 resources which I think can give you a greater depth of knowledge and I have found it helpful to use a variety of media to help me get into the right state, such as videos, music and subliminal audios. Word of caution though, please do not ever listen to subliminal audios whilst driving or operating machinery, however I have found them great for relaxing and dropping of to sleep!

I suggest you use your gut feelings and instincts and trust yourself yourself to be drawn to the ones you need. Enjoy!


For some information about downloadable videos from a company called Abundant Mind that I have found very useful to help in visualising and relaxing,  Click Here!  


And here’s another set of books and videos aimed specifically at children called 4lifekids which has been written by experts in the field. I have been helping my own children for years introducing them to manifesting and the law of attraction and they are really getting good at conscious creating now.

Click Here!

4lifehappykids gif  goal setting for big kids4lifehappykids-parent4lifehappykids-smkids


For a host of ebooks on the law of attraction and the book Click Here!


And finally here’s a link to some energy system DVDs and books which I have also found useful. Click Here!


That’s it! I’ll add more resources as and when I feel they will be of benefit to anyone interested in truly creating the life they desire.

Happy manifesting!