Spread your wings and fly: but leave the junk behind! Let it go!

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On this site, we try to explain how to make the law of attraction work for you and to give you simple and effective ways of doing that day by day.

One or the most important lessons which I try to teach and to practice in my day-to-day life is learning to focus my energy in a positive way and release negativity. The law of attraction states that similar vibrational energies will be drawn to the energy you put out, so if you constantly talk or focus in a negative way, this will only bring you more of the same – the negative thing you don’t want!

But how do you release the negativity?

Releasing negativity or negative energy can occasionally bring forward worthy debates about karma, dark nights of the soul, shadow work, past lives or spiritual practices and techniques that can sometimes leave the person confused and wondering how and where to start.

I am not saying that these techniques and practices are not important as I sincerely believe that we can all benefit from undertaking introspective or inner-work and is important as we all strive for self-improvement, a more spiritual path and a better life. However I would like to suggest a much simpler and easy solution that may have been overlooked or overshadowed by the hundreds of books on clearing negativity gracing the libraries and bookshelves across the world.

And simply put, it is this:

If something is no longer or no longer serves you, then STOP DOING IT!

STOP thinking and giving in to negative thoughts

STOP talking in negative ways about yourself and others

STOP complaining to your colleagues, friends and family about your colleagues, friends and family….

STOP moaning full stop!

There’s a lovely old adage that goes:

So if really want to give up on negativity today, JUST DO IT!

And if you are serious about creating something different in your life, DO something different: look for all the good things that you already have and give thanks for those. If they are not yet the manifested reality you are seeking, then be kind to yourself and see them as stepping stones on the way to the destination you want. Look around you and give thanks for the way they have helped you so far. Give thanks for your life, the house you live in, your family, your friends, your pets, the air you breathe, and be grateful for the path that has led you directly to where you now stand.

Remember that where you are right now is only a springboard. It is the catalyst you have been searching for to project yourself into the bright and wonderful future you want to create! But you can’t get there by clinging on to the kitchen sink!

So just LET IT GO!

If you’re interested in some other ways to help release your negativity of want to find ways to work on your inner being, then look at our resources page for books and resources from some of the world’s best spiritual and motivational leaders.

Click here also for some instant affirmations to help you feel better now.

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Hi. I'm Gail and I'm a teacher, coach, writer and blogger who has been involved with self-development and the performing arts for over 30 years. I'm passionate about helping people to develop their full potential and I've studied education, the law of attraction, personal development and NLP which I write about on this site.

I love working with people of all ages and backgrounds and truly believe that we are all unique, unlimited creative beings who can do wonderful things with a positive attitude and spiritual outlook on life.

Here's to your continued success.



  1. Love it Gail, I’m hearing you ‘If something is no longer or no longer serves you, then STOP DOING IT!’. Reading this it is oh so simple to comprehend. I’m putting this into practice in one area of my life where I KNOW I need to ‘let it go’. Thanks for writing, very helpful article

    • Thanks for reading Fleur. I know we all sometimes try to complicate things and think up lots of excuses why we can’t but to be honest, I think the ‘stop it’ approach is just the best. Have a great day. Thanks for reading. Gail

  2. Hi Gail,

    I love how you kept this article practical for anyone in any walk of life to read it and go and apply it TODAY in their lives! You gave simple easy steps for one to take to immediately begin working on changing their present reality. Well done!

    • Thanks for your kind comments CJ. I really try to aim to make things accessible to everyone so thank you. Sometimes we overcomplicate things which are really very easy! Have a great day. Gail

  3. Hi, Gail! Thanks for sharing!
    It is a great reminder, that we have the power to change our life right now. We just need to stop being negative, and maybe it is easier than we usually think. But I believe that sadly many of us are accustomed to being negative. Either way, we need to become more positive.

  4. Hello Gail! Fantastic article! So many thanks for writing this. I am always curious why people accept having drama, but do not see that they do not have to step into it. I think we have so become impaled by the physical that we forget we are in control.
    Our heart and soul are our connection to the divine Universe.
    So I am grateful for the just stop it approach that you write about. It is truly that easy. That does not mean we do not deal with things. But we do not have to wear them like a cloak. We see them, deal with it, let it go.
    Living in the positive and the now is truly stepping into the lovely easy flow of the divine Universe. It is love and peace that brings our inner and outer riches.
    Great job..really like this website! in peace and gratitude, ariel.

    • Thank you Ariel for your very kind comments and for taking the time to read the article. I totally agree with you on this so let’s put our best positive focus on and start a peaceful revolution! 🙂

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