The best motivational and spiritual people

The best motivational and spiritual people and resources

Here are some people who have influenced my life and learning so far over the last 40 or so years about the law of attraction, spirituality and NLP.  I have read many of their books and teachings and have found comfort in the fact that even though these people come from different countries, different times and have different names for the concepts they teach, for me  fundamentally, they are all teaching the same thing.

I find it very comforting to know that what Abraham and Esther Hicks call the ‘vortex’, others will call ‘source energy’ or your inner being.  After all, “a rose by any other name, would smell as sweet!

I’ve tried to give a brief overview of why I found these people’s teachings so motivational and inspirational. They may not have the same effect on your or be on your life’s journey but I’m letting you know some of the key thinkers and resources that have brought me to where I am now.

If they resonate with you and you are drawn to them, why not click on the link to find out more about them and let them speak to you in their own words.


Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks…

Abraham is probably my ‘go to’ spiritual teacher on all things as I find I resonate with the energy, humour and style that Abraham has when speaking through Esther Hicks. For over 30 years, Esther Hicks has been channelling a group of non-physical consciousness which call themselves ‘Abraham’. Their teachings are profound and are one of the best selling sources on the law of attraction today. Esther gives lectures and workshops where anyone can sit in the ‘hot seat’ and ask Abraham a question. Many of their videos are available on YouTube and some of my favourite ones are listed here.  The Ask and it is Given series sets out how the law of attraction works in simple, easy to understand terms and I believe it to be a must have for any law of attraction student.


Barbara Marciniak…

Barbara Marciniak is also a channeller who channels a non-physical beings called ‘The Pleiadians’ and interestingly to me, I find they send very similar messages to Abraham.


Sheila Gillette and Theo

Sheila Gillette is another person who channels non-physical energy who call themselves 12 archangels, collectively known as Theo. What is amazing for me when you read books by Sheila and Marcus Gillette, is the similarity between their words and those of the Abraham/Hicks and Jayne Roberts/Seth partnerships. If you listen to them online through youtube for example, they even have similar turns of phrase and their messages are remarkably consistent about the vibrational nature of the universe, and the need for humans to align with their true nature.


Seth and Jayne Roberts 

Jayne Roberts found herself channelling a non-physical being called ‘Seth’ in the 1970s and although not as well-known today as Abraham, Theo or The Pleiadians, Seth Speaks is clear in its message and is an easy read.


Tony Robbins…

I have been reading Tony Robbins books since I was 18 when I read Unlimited Power, and it was one of the books that changed my life. It gave me the understanding of my own power, not through spiritual terms, but in everyday language and I found it incredibly motivational. To me, there is a lot of spirituality throughout his teachings but it is not presented in a new age way but in a more down-to-earth, motivational and goal-oriented way.


Wayne Dyer…

Wayne Dyer’s books are another set of law of attraction must haves for the serious student of the subject. He draws on a lot of Eastern philosophy and Tao teachings in his work but again, the fundamentals are the same.


Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is another law of attraction expert and many of his books centre around the creation of wealth. He publishes things on YouTube and runs workshops and is mostly concerned with helping people manifest their desires into this time/space reality we all live in.


Neale Donald Walsh…

The Conversation with God books were very influential to me in my 20s and I read them avidly since they seemed to explain some of the problems of the world that I was concerned with at that time, in spiritual terms. I learned a lot from reading these books, not least to allow and accept the world in its beautiful and perfect state.  I often look at the grey sky and remind myself of one of the teachings here – that the grey sky is a perfect grey sky, no matter it’s colour. I would recommend these books to anyone who is seeking answers to questions such as ‘why is the world like it is?’ and ‘If .there is a God, why are so many people still suffering?”  The answers will awaken and surprise you.


Richard Bach…

I absolutely love Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Reluctant Messiah and The Bridge Across Forever got me through college. These books are easy to read and I often find myself dipping back into them for pearls of wisdom today. There is an explanation in The Reluctant Messiah about being able to anything in your life as long as you don’t upset someone else which resonated very deeply with me and set me straight about some of the teachings I had grown up with and how they were no longer serving me.


Charles Haanel – The Master Key…

This is probably one of the first documented books that we would now recognise as advocating the law of attraction to deliberately create what you want in your life. Although not widely-known today, the teachings are said to be fundamental to later books on law of attraction.  Published at the early part of the 20th century, these teachings have stood the test of time, and although law of attraction has been around since before time began as we understand it, this was one of the first books and ‘systems’ to bring it to the masses.


Deepak Chopra…

Many people have heard of the teachings of Deepak Chopra and he has helped many people in many areas of their lives through his books, teachings and self-help programs. Much of his work brings in Eastern practices, meditations and self-help practices to help people heal themselves and create the life they want.


Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Bryne is credited as bringing the law of attraction to the masses in the early 2000s as a book and also a film called The Secret and although the teachings inside the book were not new, the marketing of it caught the public imagination and it became a best-seller.  It is easy to read and understand and I would suggest it as a good book for beginners along with the film although for me, I would advocate a more feeling based approach to the meditations rather than a visual one which is sometimes the focus of the book.


Grindler and Bander

These are the original authors and creators of what we know today as NLP or neuro-linguistic programming. Although scientific in their approach to human communication and the science of creating change in humans, I believe that much of NLP has a spiritual basis, albeit under a different guise. These books will appeal to people who may steer clear of more new age thinking and prefer a scientific approach.


Napoleon Hill…

One of the great books on positive thinking, Think and Grow Rich, is definitely a must have for students of the law of attraction. Although it is not put in the same terms as Esther Hicks and Abraham would use, it definitely advocates that thoughts create things and by changing your thoughts, you can change your reality.


Louise Hay…

Louise Hay’s focus is mainly on healing the body using the mind and I have found her books to be interesting and effective in keeping myself healthy without the recourse to the doctor for every little illness. She is also the founder of Hay House, which publishes many books on spiritual matters including many of the books listed above.


Teal Swan…

Teal Swan emerged onto the spiritual scene after escaping a traumatic and abusive childhood. I have found her books and  teachings profound and very grounded in helping people work through their darker emotions in order to bring them to the light. She is very good at talking about everyday problems that people face and pointing them and their thinking in the right direction so that they can effect change within themselves. She has written several books which talk about the vibrational nature of the universe and the need to come into alignment with source.





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