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The law of attraction, happiness and emotions. How does it work?

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The law of attraction, happiness and emotions. How does it work?

The law of attraction states “that which is like unto itself, is drawn” which basically means that things that are the same, are attracted to each other. It is really talking about energy so positive energy attracts more positive energy and negative energy attracts more negative energy. It’s also important to note that the universe or source energy does not place a judgment on energy as we humans might – to source, it is just different frequencies of energy – all of which are valid.

Everything in the universe is vibrating at a different frequency, (see my post on the law of attraction for more information on this). This is how the universe communicates – in terms of energy and vibrations. There are no miscommunications, there are no errors – things that vibrate at a similar level are drawn together.

We are living in an inclusive universe. There is no ‘exclusion’ and by that, I mean that the universe does not comprehend ‘no’ or the ‘lack of something’ in the way that we would express a preference such as “No, I don’t like ice-cream” or “I don’t want to live in poverty”. There is only the law of attraction, or inclusion.

Our own brain works in a similar way: we cannot not think of something that someone talks about. For example, if I said to you, “don’t think about a pink elephant”, you cannot not think about a pink elephant – it pops right into your mind, the minute I tell you not to think about it. And the more emphatically I talk about it and demand that you don’t think about it, the more you can’t help but think about it and the clearer your vision becomes.

This understanding is vital to be able to communicate your desires and preferences clearly to the universe. If you want something such as a positive, healthy relationship for example, but because of your life experience, you express this in a negative way by saying something like: “I don’t want to be in an abuse relationship”, guess what? The universe can only respond to your vibration and what you have your attention on. Therefore, if you are holding your attention on the “not having and abusive relationship” part – the only thing the universe can deliver to you is, you guessed it: an abusive relationship, which is the opposite of what you said you wanted. This is because, your thoughts about not being in an abusive relationship most likely reminded you of a time when you were in an abusive relationship, causing you to feel bad or fearful; your vibrational output would reflect this negative feeling and this is what the universe ‘hears’ – a request based on a vibration of the fear of being abused.

The lesson here is a simple one – you must learn to express all things in positive, beneficial ways. So in the above case, it would mean focusing on wanting a loving, caring relationship based on equality and respect, and that’s it. The word or feelings of abuse must remain absent from your thoughts and your feelings.

What you will then attract is the thing you want – your loving and caring relationship. And in the process, you will have felt much happier and more joyful along the way, since your focus would have been on positive, happy thoughts, steering away from the negative more fearful thoughts which produced the new desire in you in the first place. In fact, it is the feeling of happiness and joy gained from this journey that you really want anyway, not the relationship. You only really want the relationship because you think it will bring you happiness and joy, so it is the journey towards the destination that is the real prize.

So can I attract happiness?

Feeling happy or joyful is our natural state of being. Source energy, which runs through everyone of us, everything on the planet and universe, and operates on many vibrational and dimensional levels, is based on love, bliss and joy. A feeling of well-being, happiness and unconditional love, is the emotional state that is most natural to source and to our inner beings (think soul, higher self or God-self here). It is the connection to source that we are all trying to find again once we are born onto the physical earth plane, although in reality there is no separation from our higher selves at all – only our perception of disconnection. Once on earth, because we have become so good and so well-practiced at understanding the world through our five physical senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, that many of us find it difficult to accept that we are part of a greater consciousness because it is not immediately apparent to us when we use those senses – so we convince ourselves that it doesn’t exist. But what we are missing here is that source energy is a vibrational energy, as are we ultimately. If we could use our sense of vibrational alignment (think something like a tuning dial on a radio) and focus on our vibrational output and receptivity, we would FEEL how we are connected to source and our happiness would flow.

It is this”sixth sense” or the ability to sense the energy and vibrations around us that many of us have forgotten and we therefore feel separated from who we really are a lot of the time. What we are missing is the guidance system we all have in place which tells us how close we are getting to fully realising our true selves.

This guidance system is infinitely simple in its organisation – the closer we get to reconnecting with our true selves, the happier we feel; and the further apart we get, the more miserable or uncomfortable we feel. It is our EMOTIONS that are the key to realising our blissful, natural state. It’s a bit like the game or ‘cold or warm’ you play as a child. The closer, you get, the ‘warmer’ you get. The further away you move from the object you are seeking, the ‘colder’ you become.

Emotions are the key

Your emotions are your guidance system to attracting anything you want. Emotions also have a frequency and the higher the frequency, the more positive you will feel the emotion to be. Think of the words we have evolved to describe some of the emotions we feel:

  • Feeling high or ‘buzzing’ = feelings of joy and elation associated with higher frequency vibrations
  • Feeling low or feeling down = associated with lower frequencies
  • Feeling depressed = especially low mood or state associated with very low frequencies.

Many of us will have experienced feeling depressed and lethargic, where even the most basic of tasks such as getting dressed and eating seem to lack appeal for us. On the other hand, when we feel elated or joy, we bounce through life with great motivation and everything seems easier to us.

Frequencies in everyday life

The brain gives of electrical impulses that are measured in Hertz (Hz) which is the unit of frequency and this defines the state of consciousness that we are in. In measuring brainwaves on an electroencephalograph (EEG), scientists have identified a range of brain frequencies within the normal human range: These are:

  • Beta waves – Greater than 13 Hz (seen in adults mainly and can be augmented by certain drugs)
  • Alpha waves – 8-13 Hz – normal waking adults display these states
  • Theta waves – 3.5-7.5 Hz – usually associated with sleep
  • Delta waves – 3 Hz or less – associated with deep sleep

(Click here for the reference and more information on this)

In this research, the lower frequencies are associated with sleeping and the higher frequencies are associated with more active states and indeed, some drug-induced ‘highs’.

Music, with its great range of frequencies from the shrill piccolo to the reverberating double bass, has long been associated with an ability to affect mood – just think of the last time you were feeling low and put on your favourite music to make yourself feel better. In the scientific world, music therapy is now being accepted more and more as a legitimate form of pain control and a recent review of over 400 articles looked in depth at the neurochemistry of music and its effects on brain chemicals and emotional state such as stress, as well as general health and immunity.

(See the PubMed citation for this here.)

So there are many ways in which different frequencies can have an impact upon us. The nature of ‘science evidence and clinical research’ demands that more research is needed on the cause and effect and potential benefits of feeling optimistic and joyful in order to make a definitive link between the two, however, in any other circles, the common sense and anecdotal evidence is irrefutable. Feeling good tends to lead to better opportunities and better outcomes.

In reality, our emotions exist of a spectrum of frequencies, much like the electromagnetic spectrum which extends far beyond the limited range of visible light that our human eyes can translate – gamma-rays at one and down to radio waves and even lower frequencies at the other.

On one end of the spectrum are the lower frequency emotions such as Hate, anger and depression and at the other end are the higher frequency emotions such as happiness, joy and elation. Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham explain it as an emotional scale which we can all choose to move up or down depending on our thoughts.

It is important to understand here that the universe and source consciousness has no judgment of your emotions – they just are. Source does not judge you if you have negative emotions, in the same way that it does not praise you if you have more positive emotions. It just accepts where you are and what you are offering vibrationally as perfect. It is where you are and from that place, you can expand. No judgment, just an understanding of the way things work.

We humans are the ones that apply judgments to emotions but that is usually because we feel better when we are happier and so we call this a ‘positive’ emotion. When we feel depressed or helpless, it does not feel good at all, so we label this a ‘negative’ emotion. But if you are int the place of feeling helpless, and could look at this like source, you would consider your emotions differently. You would look at where you are, see that it is not where you want to be, realise that your emotions are guiding you and showing you that you are not where you want to be, and then choose a better-feeling thought.

Now in this scenario, you might be unable to jump to bliss or joy straight away because or your starting point, but you could gradually choose thoughts that move you up the emotional scale one step at a time. Therefore, you might choose to feel angry and sit with that for a while, and then choose to feel annoyed, then frustrated, then bored, etc. etc. and gradually you will be able to move up the emotional scale towards your joy.

The thing to remember here is that by seeing your emotional state as your guidance system, you can appreciate it’s a wonderful way of working, and rather than beating up on yourself for feeling sad or depressed, you can approach things differently. You can say to yourself something like:

“I am feeling angry right now and that is OK. I am allowed to feel angry and I am pleased that my emotions are guiding me by showing me that I am further away from my goal than I want to be. I’m thankful for this knowledge and appreciate and I can now begin to change my thoughts to those that feel better because in doing so, I know I am moving closer to my goal.”

Can you see how this thought process would lead you more quickly out of your anger and more easily into joy? And you would release all the feelings of guilt that many of us feel when we feel angry too.

By focusing on how you are feeling, you can see where you are on this emotional scale and move up or down it using the power of your thoughts.

Joy is the goal

We have discussed already that feeling joyful and happy is the goal – it is the way that we feel like our true selves. Joseph Campbell wrote about “following your bliss” and many other teachers advocate feeling joyful and happy can lead to improvements in health and well-being generally. Feeling joyful is also the key to attracting everything you want in your life, material things, relationships and experiences. This is because joy is the frequency of source energy and when you are connected to your source, you will be without resistance, and the things you desire will manifest in your life.

So practicing being joyful really is the key to getting what you want and attracting everything you desire.

How can you get to happiness from anger, fear or frustration?

You cannot always make a seismic leap of faith. It is much better to feel your way up the scale one rung of the ladder at a time. Therefore, if you are feeling fear or anger, try to change your thoughts about the situation so that you can feel better, even if it is only one step up. Then you can move up from there and so on.

Another way to help yourself move up the emotional scale is to stop thinking so specifically about the problem you face, and think more generally. For example, if you have a problem with your car that is making you angry, try to take a step back and realise that these things happen to everyone, that it is not the universe picking on you, but that you know many other people whose cars have broken down at some time of another – it is not a personal vendetta between you and the universe. From there, you can begin to feel better. You may still feel frustrated but you will have moved up the scale simply by changing your thinking. Your emotional guidance system has worked to point out to you where your thinking is leading you away from your ultimate goal. Be thankful for that and start reaching for better feeling thoughts.

One final thought

I wish you much joy today so that you can set yourself on the goal sot manifesting what you want. However, I also understand that there will be many situations today over which you have no control – other people, traffic, workload for example. However, if you find yourself in a situation today that does not feel good, I urge you to listen to your guidance system in these situations and reach for a better feeling thought. Be thankful that you now have an understanding of the things you CAN change – your emotional reaction – and set about changing that. That way, you will not be waiting for the other person/thing/situation to change in order to feel happy. You will be taking direct charge of how you feel and changing that – which ultimately is the only thing you can change.

Have a wonderful and joyful day.


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Emotional eggs

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  1. Did you know that even Albert Einstein said that the law of attraction is real? I mean that man was a super genius and he firmly believed that that was a real thing. That says a lot. I’ve been thinking a lot more positive recently and I’ve definitely noticed a lot of good things happening. That can’t be coincidence. I definitely feel that you’re in charge of whatever happens in life 🙂

    • Thanks Jasmere. There are a few Einstein quotes about the law of attraction (although not necessarily calling it that) which are interesting. Physics says that we are all energy and is just proving it more and more. It’s amazing to think though that it applies to each and every one of us whether we know it or not. I’m glad that you have started a positive focus and are manifesting some good results. When you do that, it strengthens your trust in the whole process so it gets easier and easier to use. All the best to you and thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment. Gail

  2. Thank you for this rich and insightful thought. Actually the thought of negative feelings in the past made my life worse, until I learnt on how to focus my life on positive thoughts. Especially thoughts that bring smiles to my face always. And recently I found out my passion in writing which made a huge positive difference in my life. I will always pursue anything that will keep emotionally happy. Thank you

    • Hi Peter. Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you have found your passion. I too have found that writing makes me happy and I cannot wait to get up each day and work on my latest project. It really does benefit all around me when I’m feeling happy too – my life seems to just go better – my children seem happier and there is less stress. I’d like the whole world to realise that happiness is within their reach, because it is.

  3. I try to throw positivity out into the world as much as I can. Little things like smiling at someone or saying ‘hello’ to someone or saying ‘have a good day’ to a person, can change their entire day.
    It is all to easy to feed off of others emotions. So, the harder I try to be positive, I hope that others will feel that and be positive themselves. I hope that it has the ripple effect….
    And I feel better thinking that I could have just made someone else smile or change their day for the good.

    • Hi Joseph. Thank you for your comments and I love your approach to spreading happiness by smiling and saying ‘hello’ to to people. I agree that this kind and simple action can really spread the good energy that you are feeling and definitely has the ripple effect. And helping one other person to enjoy their day is a great thing. All the best to you today and I hope it’s a happy one. Gail

  4. Thank You for the incredible energy. I totally believe in positive energy and how it can influence positive things to happen in life. I have finally found that I enjoy waking up every day and being productive as apposed to when I was in the grind, almost senseless. It was like a door opened and happiness filled my life. I liked how you mentioned or touched upon changing negative to positive.

    • Hi Robert. Thank you for your comments and I’m pleased that you are enjoying your life and have found a way to wake up enjoying every day. I think that when you take control of your life, you realise how easy it is and how much we are taught in schools and by society that just isn’t true. Following your own heart is really the only way to live as you are the only one with you from the cradle to the grave, so finding your happiness and living it is what we’re meant to do. I wish you all the best and thank you for taking the time to align with yourself. 🙂 Gail

  5. Ah Gail, I love your posts. They always come at the perfect time. Attracting joy and abundance is what I’m focusing on right now. I’m working towards big positive change in mine and my families life. Your words always leave me feeling calm, happy and feeling positive. Love and light to you.

    • Hi Lace. Glad you’re focusing on attracting joy and abundance as it’s really what we are supposed to do. I’m on a similar path at the moment and it’s leading to some amazing changes in my life too. Thank you so much for your kind words as well – sending you lots of happy thoughts today. Gail

  6. Thanks for your thoughts here Gail, and this definitely resonates…

    I agree, we can’t always change the circumstances of our life, however we CAN change the way we respond to them – so thank you for reminding me!

    However as you so aptly pointed out, by changing what we think / feel about an event, we can in fact attract and create a more positive outcome…perfect!

    • Hi Dave. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my article. I appreciate it. I’m glad you found things that resonate with you – as a law of attraction coach, that’s a good sign! 🙂 I also see that you have already discovered that we can change our perceived universe by the way we look at things – everything is dependent on your point of view and your thinking so it’s good that you’ve learned that early. I hope you have a wonderful and happy day. Gail

  7. Wow Gail..this is a great insightful post and I have really enjoyed reading it. I have learnt alot of new things here.

    I really believe in living positively in all aspects of life as I believe in the law of attraction a wonderful living principle that God put in place.

    I live my whole entire life being grateful for what I have, a habit I have noticed keeps attracting more positives in my life. Your post just reminded me of how important it is to embrace positive energy all the time. Thank you Gail.

    • Hi Kashinga. Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading the article. I’m also glad that you feel that you have learned some new things and have assimilated your own understanding of the law of attraction into your own belief system. I like that you have made the conscious correlation between positive things you think about andn positive aspects you attract – that’s it in a nutshell really! Hope you have a wonderful day. Gail

  8. Hey Gail,

    It’s interesting how the law of attraction works. I think a lot of people really don’t understand it. But, don’t opposites also attract?

    However, I do have a question for you, though. You know how we all have negative thoughts? As your example shows with an abusive relationship; it shows what you don’t want is what you end up getting in the end. How do we stop ourselves from negative thoughts on what we don’t want though?

    Are there any tactics that you use?

    • Hi Garen. Thank you for reading the article and leaving a comment. In some very specific cases (i.e. in magnets, opposites do attract, yes) but the majority of times, like attracts like more of the time. I like your question about how to avoid negative thoughts. One easy way is to distract yourself from the thing that is causing negative emotion by finding something really positive that you can feel good about. You may have to go very general here, depending on where you are with your thoughts, but you can always find something – even if it is the abundance of air that you breathe. Sometimes a better feeling thought can still be classed as ‘negative’ but you just need to be moving up the emotional scale. So moving from fear to anger is better than staying down in hopelessness. You might like a couple of other posts on the site too. Have a look at:
      https://howtocreateyourownlife.com/how-to-find-happiness-in-life-through-unconditional-living or https://howtocreateyourownlife.com/what-is-positive-thinking-about for some tips on finding positive aspects. Have a wonderful day. Ga

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