The problem with the law of attraction and the law of attraction and problems

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The problem with the law of attraction and the law of attraction, and problems.

Many people have become interested in the law of attraction over the last few years with books such as “Ask and it is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks/Abraham, and “The Secret” by Ronda Byrne and it’s spin-offs. Celebrities have adorned chat show sofas expounding the virtues of the law of attraction and giving their examples of how they have seen it work in their own life to bring them more fame, more money or a great relationship.

On the one hand, this is wonderful news because it means more people are being introduced the law, and are seeing examples and role models to follow who have actually manifested some good things into their life. We see other people talking about their experiences, and naturally want to be able to do the same. In this way, more people are becoming more conscious creators of their own realities and fulfilling more of their true potential.

On another hand though, sometimes, the law of attraction can be misrepresented, misinterpreted or even completely misunderstood and it can seem almost like an insignificant party-trick, with people manifesting this parking space and that parking space, seemingly to order.

The problem here, is that many people can think that the law of attraction is simply about asking for what you want, thinking about it and then it will ‘magically’ appear. When they try this and then find that what they want is not suddenly appearing in front of them, then, people can become disillusioned and start to believe that the law of attraction doesn’t work.

The truth is, the law of attraction ALWAYS works. It’s like gravity on earth – it works, consistently, 24/7 without anyone having to consciously do anything. And it works whether you know about it or not. No one wakes up in the morning and has to consciously stop themselves from floating off the planet. They are just subject to the laws of gravity, full stop. Yes we learn about gravity in school, but it works for each and every one of us whether we go to school or not.

It’s the same with the law of attraction – it works, ALWAYS whether you know about it, believe in it or not. But in the same way that if you learn about and understand gravity, we can then use this knowledge to build rockets and devices that can go beyond it, if we bother to learn about the law of attraction, you can then start to use it more consciously and start creating the things you want, rather than live your life by ‘default’.

And you can start to use the law of attraction to solve some of the ‘problems’ that you perceive you have in your life.

The law of attraction and ‘problems’

Many of us have ‘problems’ that we desperately want to be able to use the law of attraction to solve. It could be a relationship issue, a health or money problem or just a situation that you know could be better and look to the law of attraction for help. But if you want to truly understand how you can use the law of attraction properly, you need to delve a bit deeper and understand it more fully than the ‘chat-show mentality’ we have described above.

There are 3 things that you need to understand fully in order to consciously use the law of attraction to help with your problems. You must understand that:

1. Everything has a vibration and that this vibration is the basis for the law of attraction.

2. The law of attraction simply stated means that the universe will match the vibration that you offer and bring you more of the same.

3. The ‘problem’ and the ‘solution’ to your problem, are NOT the same frequency.

Let’s take these one at a time.

1. Everything has a vibration and that this vibration is the basis for the law of attraction. A chair has a vibration, a tree has a vibration, a happy person has a vibration and an angry person has a vibration. All of them have different frequencies, like the frequency differences that separate red light from blue light, or x-rays from infrared radiation. Thoughts have frequencies too. Your thought about your finances may not be the same frequency as your thought about your lover, or your pet, your children, or your health. When you understand this, you are better placed to start understanding how the law of attraction actually works.

2. The law of attraction simply stated means that the universe will match the vibration that you offer and bring you more of the same. This is the ‘like attracts’ like’ scenario or the ‘birds of a feather, flock together’ idiom. Energy of the same frequency is attracted to other energies of that frequency. That’s why you ‘click’ with some people and others grate on you. How else could the universe operate?

There is no way that the universe can respond to ‘I don’t want’. The universe cannot process a ‘negative of something’. It ‘s a bit like saying to someone “don’t think about a pink elephant”. The first thing that pops into their mind when you say that is a pink elephant. It’s the same with the universe – it can only process attraction. What you think about is what you get.

And it does this in a truly nonjudgmental way. It offers no opinion or judgment whether something is ‘good’ or ‘bad’; it just brings you more of the same. A truly, omnipotent, infinitely-fair intelligent energy. What is focused upon is taken as being wanted, and the universe delivers more of that.

You could argue that there is repulsion in the universe. Take the like poles of a magnet for example where in this case, positive is attractive to negative. However, this is a specific law of magnetism for a specific time/space reality. And these laws can change depending on what you are viewing and the ‘world’ in which you are operating. Light can behave differently in different situations for example.

The law of attraction is similar to the sympathetic resonance seen in music. If you strike a note a guitar for example, then the similar string on another guitar close by will resonate and begin to vibrate. Continue to pluck the string on the guitar other things capable of resonating at that frequency will start to vibrate – such as a violin or piano string. This is commonly understood in music and goes some way to explain how frequencies respond to other similar energies.

3. The ‘problem’ and the ‘solution’ to your problem, are NOT the same frequency. They have different vibrational frequencies and you cannot find the ‘solution’ if you are only focused on the ‘problem’ – because that ‘problem’ would become the dominant vibration that the law of attraction will respond to.

What this means simply is that if you are struggling with a lack of something in your life, lets’ take money as an example; then the vibrational frequency for ‘lack of money’ is NOT the same as the vibrational frequency for ‘financial freedom’ or ‘financial abundance’ which would be the solution to your money problems.

So when you are focused so closely on your lack of money, you are about as far away from what you want as you can get. You might think about your lack of money all the time: focus on it when you open the post; moan about it to friends and family, and then feel it acutely every time you open your purse.

But what you are NOT doing in that situation, is anything effective or productive to change your vibrational frequency and attract the SOLUTION to your problem. All you are doing is reinforcing the problem. And that will be what the universe responds to And sure enough, it will deliver more of that ‘problem’ frequency to you. In bucket loads!

Many people who have some knowledge of, and belief in the law of attraction, fail to recognise that it is the vibrational frequency that is fundamental to everything – not what we say or simply visualise. But how the things we say and visualise make us feel.

If you end up visualising lots of money but your inner feeling is still one of ‘when will I get that?” or “why hasn’t it come to me yet?” then this is NOT the vibrational frequency of the solution but of the problem.

The vibrational frequency to counter a ‘lack of money’ will be a frequency based on feeling abundant, blessed and trusting that you will never lack for anything. You will feel like everything is always going your way, that you can have anything you want. Those feelings will bring you joy and make you smile, on the inside and the out.

So is this how you are feeling when you think about money? Chances are, if you are reading this, that this is NOT what you’ve been offering.

You see the problem?

Most of us are not focused on the solution we want, but the problem, or trying to justify why we have the problem in the first place. But this is the opposite of the vibrational frequency we need.

So what can we do?

There are 2 ways to tackle this situation if you find that this is what you do and you have started to believe that the law of attraction doesn’t work or doesn’t work for you. As I have stated before, the law of attraction is ALWAYS working. What’s happening really, is that you are misinterpreting your vibrational output and then complaining when you get back exactly what you gave out.

It’s a bit like when my daughter has a tantrum and stands in front of me stamping her foot on the floor and shouting “I AM CALM!”. Clearly in that moment, she is as far from ‘calm’ as she could get.

My response is always, “calm is quiet and still” and eventually she gets it, stops stamping her foot, lowers her voice and her vibration returns to ‘calm’.

Are there situations in your life that you can identify that you are metaphorically shouting “I AM CALM” whilst offering the opposite vibration?

If you have not received everything you are asking for in life, then the answer must be ‘yes’ to this question. So look around and see what you can do to understand the law of attraction and your vibration more fully.

Two ways to tackle this problem

The first way to tackle the situation is to really consciously become aware of the frequency you are offering to the universe. If you are not feeling emotionally ‘good’, then you are not in alignment with your higher self and not vibrating at the frequency of the thing you are seeking. Your emotions are your guidance system, letting you know how far away from your higher self’s frequency you really are.

Now if you find that you don’t feel good most of the time – that is the clue which tells you how much work you really have to do on this. As I have said, if you are feeling angry or depressed, this is not the vibration you need to attract lots of money, happiness or love.

So the second thing you must do is then consciously change your thoughts to focus on things that you can feel good about. And usually what you’ll find, is that this means concentrating on something that is nothing to do with your original problem. There reason for this is because you are so well-practiced at the frequency of your problem, that the best way to break the cycle, is to think about something completely different – something you can feel good about.

This is where your own ‘consciousness’ becomes important – because instead of worrying about your money problems, you need to consciously change your thoughts and look around you to find something to be pleased with, satisfied with or grateful for. This could be the love of your children, the clothes on your back or simply the sun in the sky and the fresh air you can breathe.

Remember – the problem and the solution are NOT the same frequency – they simply cannot be.

But remember too – that you have the power to choose the frequency you are offering – every second of every minute, every day.

When you look around at your world, what you ‘see’ as manifested in your life is merely the result of the frequencies you have been offering in the past. And you can change your frequency in a second, which will change your point of attraction, and therefore your future results.

If you are feeling good, then you will be attracting good things – if you are feeling negative thoughts or emotions – then you will attract more of these.

Changing thoughts can take practice and time so don’t beat yourself up

Breaking negative thought patterns takes practice and it may take some time before you can do it more naturally but don’t give up and don’t beat yourself up if you find it challenging. Just be grateful for your awareness and keep looking for those good-feeling thoughts.

In NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) terms, we acknowledge that sometimes people have practiced their thought or behaviour pattern for so long that it has become a bit like a groove in an old LP record – the needle gets stuck in the rut and the person continues to think or behave in the same way, repeatedly. Thus, they always get the same results.

Breaking this pattern takes 1) awareness of the problem and 2) a conscious choice to break the pattern and think or behave differently. This is the same as I have described above about the law of attraction – it’s just a different way of describing the issue.

So next time you start to doubt whether the law of attraction is working for you, look a little deeper and honestly analyse your vibrational frequency and the way you have been feeling first, and then see how that has matched the things you have attracted in your life. I think you will see a correlation.

All the best for your new thoughts.


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  1. Hello, I’ve heard the phrase, you reap what you sow, and never gave much thought to it’s meaning. I guess I always thought about it like the golden rule. The information here really gave me a good understanding of the laws of attraction and how different I need to be thinking to attract the positive I am seeking.

    I would never have thought that the solution needs to be different from the problem but it makes complete sense and I will remember this from now on.

    I think with a little practice this is life changing.

    • Hi Jeffrey
      Thanks for your comment and I’m so glad that you have learned something from reading the article. Many times in life I think, we hear things and just accept that we understand things and on the surface, we do. However, there are usually many layers and the more we delve into a subject, the more deeply we understand it and then we find ourselves going “Oh, so that’s what it means.” I wish you all the best with the things you are seeking and look forward to hearing about your life has changed in future.

  2. Hi Gail! I love this post! I do believe in law of attraction, and I even made a wish board. But you know what, I had a hard time with it lately and now I understand why, I was focused too much on a problem, then on the solution. And thank you so much. I saw your post at the perfect time, exactly what I needed)))

    • Hi Alona. Thanks for your comment and from what you say, you are attracting some of the solutions, at least with this post. I hope it helps you clear up some of your other vibration mismatches so you can focus clearly on the solution not the problem.
      All the best. Gail

  3. Gail, i should read more of your articles. I have been reading and hearing Bob Proctor over the last year and have experienced the law of attraction. You have put in so simple words that anybody can understand and follow. Switching frequencies is very important (from anger, jealousy, fear to those of calm, peace and happy moments) as long as we understand we are on the right frequency. Thanks for the lovely thoughts.

    • Dear Rudolph. Thanks for your kind comments and I’m so pleased that you have been reading and understanding the law of attraction. I’m also glad that you found the article helpful and liked the style. I have found that no matter how many times I read or listen to things about this, that I find it helpful to have constant reminders to help me remember as it’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day living and forget that our vibration and how we feel in every moment is really the most important thing. Trust too is a big thing to develop I find along with gratitude for everything we have. As Esther Hicks would say – “I’m satisfied where I am and eager for more.” Sounds like a good philosophy to me.
      Wishing you all the best today. Gail

  4. Wow! What a more detailed explanation on the concept of the law of attraction and I have really learned well. But I have problem with the understanding of why the law of attraction doesn’twork very fast and it has to always follow all these processes. Does this process applies in all situations even urgent ones?

    • Hi Rodarrick. Thanks for your kind comments and I’m glad you found the article educational. That’s the idea. To answer your question, the law can work instantly if we allow it too, but most of the time, our vibration is offered intermittently, and there is little momentum built up because we as humans, are often filled with doubt about our true power and the way things work. Therefore we have a desire and offer that vibration but then quickly doubt that we will achieve it. We have been brought up being told that things are difficult, and life is a struggle, or that we are sinners and not worthy, or that we are not the ones in control. These things come from social, cultural, school and family influences which are very powerful and affect our beliefs and values from a young age. So it’s not the law of attraction that is slow, it is us having to counteract all the misinformation we humans have created. Hope that helps. You might want to look at another article which explains things as well. I suggest the one about the language of the universe which you might find useful. 

      All the best and come back soon. Gail 

  5. This is really an awesome post. I’ve read article on the law of attraction but never as detailed as this one. I’ve gotten to know that the law of attraction deals with same frequency. When we attract the right frequency, it comes to us in full, but when the opposite, then we’ll also get it too. There is nothing the universe can do about it.

    Indeed, people tends to misinterpret this and say that the law of attraction does not work meanwhile they are the ones complicating issues for themselves. Just like you’ve said, they tend to use their “problems” to attract their “solutions” which of cause seems impossible.

    When we change our mentality and do things the right way, we will begin to see results. Though at times this may not come instantly as expected. But definitely, it will.

  6. Hiya Gail

    Thanks for your inspiring article about the law of attraction. I have never read the Secret but I know people who have and I was fascinated to read that you can attract what you want out of life by vibrating it out to the universe. What if something bad is happening to you and you cannae stop it from happening, can you visualise triumphing and actually make it happen?  I am going to bookmark your site and see if I can achieve this by following what you say. I believe that God is helping me so I pray about it a lot, can prayer and vibration work together? 

    Maybe they already are, after all I am here on your site, learning what to do, thank you for giving me ideas on the way to get want and need to be successful in my endeavours, krs PurpleLioness 

    • Hello. Thanks for your kind comments and insightful questions. My own take on everything is that anything is possible, and yes, it’s absolutely within your control to change what is happening in your own reality by changing your thoughts, feelings and ultimately, the energy or vibration you are emitting. Many people believe in a god and I was like many, also brought up in a Christian household with Christian values and beliefs. When I was in my teens, I started to question a lot of things and it set me on the path that I believe I’m still following today. Although I would no longer call myself a Christian, I absolutely would say that I have a very, very strong spiritual faith in a positive energy expanding and driving things forward. The force in Star Wars used to resonate with me a lot too! 🙂 

      In my book, the universe works always in this way, regardless of what you call it and it makes more sense to me like that. But I’m also very non-judgemental of other people because we are all on our own path, creating new experiences and ideas based on the lives we are living. And that, to me, is how god (the universe) can understand itself. 

      Praying is a version of affirmations in my book. We just call it different things, As long as when you pray you are talking in positive ways that promote positive feelings, prayers are very powerful. And yes, once you start attracting different things in your life, you will be amazed where you end up! 

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