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Top 5 tips to creating your own Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

We all say it at this time of year, but this blog will not be my usual “Happy New Year one and all” that often gets churned out although I’m positive there will be a lot of those emails to read in the next few hours.

No, this is not about wishing you a Happy New Year, but about how you can MAKE this your own Happy New Year.

And it does come from my heart, with love to you.

What I really want to remind you all is that you are in control of your own future, and your happiness comes from within you, and from nowhere else.

With that in mind, read on to discover my top 5 tips for helping you create your very own “Happy New Year”.

1. Know that YOU, and only you, creates how you feel

Yes it’s true that we can all allow ourselves to be influenced by others, but understand it is YOU who has control over your thoughts and feelings. Other people may tell us things or behave in ways that we determine are designed to upset us, but it is not them that makes us feel anything at all. It is us. I’m in control of how I feel and you are in control of how you feel. No one else is given the power to make you FEEL anything unless you pass that power on to them. But many of us do that because we don’t understand where are own power comes from.

For example, let’s say you pass a stranger in the street who remarks that “you are a loser” – what do you do? Most likely, by the time you’ve actually registered what they said, you’ll continue walking and laugh quietly to yourself, thinking ‘what’s their problem?”. But let’s say your father now says the same thing to you – how do you react then? If you’re like most people, you will probably take the whole thing more seriously. You may begin to wonder if he’s right and question yourself. Fairly soon you may be on that slippery slope, allowing yourself to feel negative about the whole thing.

But understand this – it is not your father who makes you feel this; it’s YOU. You are the one going over what they said in your mind. You are the one giving you the negative self talk. You are making the judgment here against you, regardless of what your father said. What would happen if you decided to treat it in the same way you treated the comment from the stranger? What would happen if you just brushed it off and laughed?

Chances are you would feel better, right? Of course – because YOU have all the power over you!

2. Look for your joy and happiness regardless of the conditions that currently surround you

Positivity breeds positivity! Like attracts like and good thoughts attract more good thoughts that can then turn from thoughts into things! And the same is true in reverse….but we won’t linger on those. Whatever your situation today, there will ALWAYS be something you can focus on that will make you feel better. All you need to do, is to stop focusing on the negative things, and look for the little things that make you smile, and focus on those. Like the story of “The Professor’s Test”, don’t cloud your mind with things that make you feel sad or depressed. If you do that, you’ll only get more of the same. Instead, find something around you to be grateful for; it might be the sun, rising every day, or you could appreciate the amazing natural world that surrounds you, or listen to a song you love, or stroke your pet, or just find pleasure in the little things…..and you know what? You’ll find that those larger things start to look after themselves.


3. Make sure your words and deeds are also focused on the positive

Everything you say and everything you do has an impact on you and your happiness, because you will have a reaction to it. When we are angry, we are usually mostly angry with ourselves for some reason….because we didn’t do something or because we did something we regret. In searching for your happiness this year, make sure that everything you say and everything you do is done with love and understanding. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Speak to others as you would like to be spoken to. And send your thoughts and words with love.

This is true even if you are voicing a concern to someone – there are many ways you can express yourself – with love or with anger for example. You might want to say “I really hate the way you do that (whatever that is), or “You make me sick….” but think what this negativity is doing to you.

Instead, why not try: “I know you’re a good person, and I’m certain that you have our best intentions at heart when you do or say something, however, have you considered that you might get a better response if you approached things in a slightly different way? …..”

Starting from this approach yourself, will get a better outcome for all.

4. The first rule is….love yourself

Many people dislike hearing this because they feel it is a ‘selfish’ thing to do. And in some ways, it is! But it is the only way in which you can proceed with authenticity and unconditional love.

Let’s look at this logically….to begin with, the only person who will be with you for your entire life, is you! You’re the only one there, from the day you are born to the day you die. Sobering, isn’t it?

So if you are not prepared to love and nurture you, who is?

You must start to love and appreciate yourself for the spiritual, amazing and unique human being that you really are, because if you don’t, and you experience situations like the one described in point one above, you will start to doubt yourself, and you will no longer need your father (or mother, brother, teacher, friend or enemy) to try to put you down and tell you that “you’re a loser”, because you will become your own worst enemy and start telling yourself! And worse than that, you’ll start to believe it!

So don’t, Stop and take a step back, and resolve to kinder to yourself in 2020!

Know your worth. You really are the most amazing individual and your talents and gifts are unique to you. So don’t hide them, embrace them – dare I say, share them.

Love yourself. For you’ll soon learn that when you do, what you have to offer to everyone else increases too!

5. Share your happiness and spread joy

This one is easy, because it’s what we want to do naturally.

Follow the first four tips and find your happiness. And then, when you understand who you are, your own power and love yourself for it, you’ll be able to spread that knowledge to others to help them find their own joy.

And there is no greater happiness than that!

Unfortunately, most people are still trying to find happiness in all the wrong places…….perhaps in a new house, a new car, career, dress, body image or relationship…….the list is truly endless. However, happiness will never be found in things outside of ourselves, even though we think it is. It is always found within.

We may appreciate fine things and crave more of everything, and there’s nothing wrong in that either. But true happiness starts WITHIN US. And that’s perfect because it means we already have everything we need in order to find it. Then be wise, and pass on your knowledge to everyone; not in a dictatorial way, but by example. For when you have found your bliss and live in it daily, others will ask you how you do it……..and then you can enlighten them.

Happy New Year everyone!





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  1. In the year 2020 I have a couple goals. They are to quit drinking alcohol or at least severely limit my intake, to meditate every day, and to give up my time wasting habits such as video games and what not. I also plan to get more exercise, I have been avoiding my exercise and my diet has not been the way I want it to be, so my plan is to start exercising two to three times per week, and to correct my diet. I have already eliminated Pizza which was giving me heartburn. 

    • Hi Jake. Sounds like you have a plan to change your life which is great. Remember that life is supposed to be fun so make sure you keep some things that you really enjoy too. Wishing you a wonderful 2020. Gail

  2. Thank you so much for this awesome list!  I really like that you put in number four and five, which deals with loving ourselves first, and spreading joy and happiness.  We can’t spread true joy and happiness if we don’t love ourselves, because in order to spread something, you have to have it.  We can’t be truly happy and joyful until we love ourselves.

    • Hi Jessie. Thanks for your comments and I love your point that “in order to spread something, you have to have it first”. Of course, it’s true, but so few of us think about it in terms of loving ourselves. Here’s to you having a great 2020! Gail 

  3. Hi! Very good motivating post,must say. Can I add something ? Mindset- I believe everybody should reset their mindset,and start from the begininng saying ” I can do anything”- I believe that from start of our lives the “programming” begins,and this ptogramming is 99%successfull, but we don’t want to be 99%. You have my respect, I bow to you.


    Primoz P.

    • Hi there. Thanks for adding your thoughts – I agree, that mindset is very important and a ‘can do’ attitude is how we can overcome many obstacles. I’m humbled by your words and look forward to hearing more from you too. This site is all about the law of attraction and creating your own life so I hope you’ll come back and read/comment some more. Have a great New Year. Gail 

  4. Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing article and explanation given.

    You have described here the best 5 tips for creating our own happy. I would like to stop at point 2 because it has attracted my attention and I can say that I find myself. We always find happiness around us, but we must stop for a moment and observe it. Positive thoughts attract happiness and negative thoughts only sadness. Someone once told me that you care about what people choose around you because they will make you feel happy or sad. I like to spend time with happy, successful and very active people.

    Thank you again for this post. Wish you the best and a happy new year.

    • Hi Nimirodngy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my post. I’m glad you found it useful and took the time to comment. I appreciate that too. The law of attractionis what my site is all about so your words ring very true with me. I know it works and I’m just trying to pass it on so others can benefit too now. All the best for 2020, and may you create everything you desire. Gail 

  5. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. It’s the end of the year  and the Christmas season has passed. In preparation for the new year, we need to create our own ways of making ourselves happy and the 5 tips you have given will really help me and others 

    • Thank you, Benny. I appreciate your kind words. I try always to write articles with the idea of helping others find their own bliss and create the life they want. So I wish you and yours all the best for this next year, and always. Gail 

  6. Hello Gail. The new year is here and everyone including hopes and wishes that 2020 will be the best year we have ever experienced in our lifetime. It’s not enough to say happy new year. We actually need to press into being happy although the year all by ourselves. Thank you for sharing these top 5 tips with which I can create my own happy new year.

    These tips are really helpful and will go a long way for me in the new year.

    • Hi MrBiizy. Good to hear from you and I’m glad you think these will be helpful for you in the coming year. Positivity and joy are what life is about, so I wish you much of both. Gail 

  7. Thank you for this beautiful and useful tips about how to create actual happy New Year. I couldn’t agree more with you – I am a big believer in being grateful always, every day. I can honestly say practicing gratitude changed my life. It’s my savior in hard times and a helper when it comes to self love – at the end of the day, if we don’t love ourselves, we aren’t capable of loving anyone else.

    • Hello Katja. Thanks for taking the time to comment on the post and I’m so pleased that you have found the power of gratitude – it really is a door-opener. Have a wonderful New Year. Gail 

  8. Hello Gail!

    It is right that we are creating, aka causing the way we feel. Our internal structure (our soul) has a huge impact on our mood. And sometimes we may even feel like we don’t have enough control of ourselves, or at least it may seem very hard to do it. I am speaking from the position of a lonely guy.

    Also, seeking happiness regardless of the external conditions is not that easy to do, this is a challenge too!

    As for loving ourselves, I would also say there’s a real art of loving ourselves – and not everyone masters this art!

    People who manage to successfully follow your five rules should actually make all their days happy – not only the New Year’s day!

    Have a Happy New Year (and happy days), Gail!


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