Ways to raise vibrational frequency – Easy tips for everyday success

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Raise your vibrational frequency to align with source energy

Getting the law of attraction to work of you so that you can consciously create or manifest the things you want in your life is easy – you simply have to think about the things you want and focus on them in a positive way consistently and for long enough so they will manifest in your life. This is the law of attraction and it does not fail.

However whilst this seems like a very easy concept, in reality and practically, many of us have become far too good at getting in our own way and so we don’t’ believe the law of attraction works.

We live our life a bit like a ball on a bagatelle or pinball machine. We have great ambitions to reach the top number and fire off lots of desires for things we want. The universe always respond to our request, lining up these things in a vibrational way for us to have. However, we then have to get up to speed with, and into alignment with, those things on a vibrational level in order to experience them. But we often put lots of negative things in our way and some find it difficult to line up with the things we want, so our energy and commitment starts to wane and instead of hitting our target, we find ourselves falling back to the start point, being buffeted about by negative thoughts and situations on the way down.

So what is the secret to aligning and raising our frequency?

The law of attraction is not a secret. “The Secret” is a book by Rhonda Byrne that became famous in the early 2000s and was made into a film which suggested ways in which anyone could harness the law of attraction to create and manifest the things they wanted in their own life, be it financial rewards, health or a particular relationship. The book quickly became a best-seller and many people read it and tried to manifest their dream job, relationship or pay packet using visualisation and affirmation techniques.

For some people, they get it on a fundamental level and began manifesting all manner of things consciously into their life. And for many others, they saw their efforts go seemingly unrewarded and many became frustrated with the law of attraction and gave up on it completely, believing it to be a load of mumbo jumbo!

They were missing the main point. The point they were missing is not that the law of attraction does not work – it is ALWAYS working, it cannot, not work because it is, as I said earlier, a fundamental law of the universe. The point they were missing is that in order to consciously create your own life, you need to understand the 3 steps involved and believe that they will work. You need to talk in the language of the universe which is one of feelings not words.

The 3 steps you need are:

1. Send out your desires – you are constantly doing this. Every time you see something you want, or usually every time you see something you don’t want you send out a desire for the opposite thing.

2. The universe responds – you don’t have to do anything here, the universe responds, always.

3. Align or raise your vibration so that you can receive what you want.



That said however, I’m going to use an analogy with numbers just to try to help your understanding.

Let’s say that in your life experience, you get used to eating apples, which you like and appreciate and which have the vibrational frequency of 5. Then one day you desire something different to eat and the thing you want is now an orange, because you really want to know what an orange would taste like. Now let’s say that the vibrational frequency of an orange is 6. The moment you think and desire an orange, the universe responds to your initial thought through the law of attraction, and at every turn, oranges which have the vibrational frequency of 6 are being sent to you. The problem is that initially, these ‘oranges’ are being sent to you as vibrations, not as oranges that you could touch, taste and eat.

The second problem is that the physical you on planet earth is still vibrating at a frequency of the apple (i.e. 5) and therefore it doesn’t matter how many oranges the universe sends you, you can’t see, touch or taste them. Their frequency is all around you but you miss it. Then you start complaining that the universe has not answered your request, when in fact, it is YOU that has not raised your vibration to see, taste and touch the orange! Imagine trying to listen to the music on radio 2 whilst you dial is tuned to radio 1 – you just can’t hear radio 2 but it is always out there for you.

Now let’s say you understand how the law of attraction works, and you now send out a desire to eat an orange. This time, you believe and know that once you do this, the oranges will start to flow automatically from the universe with mathematical precision. But you also know that in order to manifest the orange, you have to retune your physical frequency to match the frequency of the desire you have sent out which is 6 (i.e. that of the orange).

The more you focus on what it would feel like to eat the orange, the more time in the day you change your dial to 6 rather than 5. And at those times when you are focused on the frequency of 6, the more glimpses you get of the orange you desire. These ‘glimpses’ could be considered analogous to the thought forms. They are not yet strong enough or tangible enough to actually touch and taste the orange so you could become disheartened and think incorrectly that the universe has not responded to your desire. However, the more often you retune to the vibrational frequency of 6 by thinking and feeling how good it would be taste and touch the orange, the longer and stronger your ‘glimpses’ become, until one day, the focus you have and the vibrational frequency you hold has become so practiced that you have retuned your ‘5″ – apple frequency’ into a 6 – that of the orange and an orange will manifest into your physical life.

You will then be able to touch, taste and savour the orange in all its deliciousness. And when that happens, you find your desire changes again and what you now desire is a ‘banana’ and the process of expansion begins all over again. And all the time you are still focused on ‘apples, the limitless supply of oranges being sent to you, go unnoticed!

How do I tune in to allow myself to receive?

Since you are doing step 1 all the time and step 2 is automatic, it makes sense to focus on step 3. There are many things you can do to help you raise your frequency and start manifesting what you want.

Things which put you in alignment

  • Appreciation of everything and everyone no matter what part they play or do not play in your life. Everything you have experienced has brought you to where you are now, and now is all that you can experience in the moment. So be appreciative of all the things you have experienced and see them as the steps in the ladder of where you now stand. Make peace with your past and be grateful for the part the past has played getting to where you want to be. If you persist in railing against the past, you will always be discontented with who you are. Accept who you are and things will be well.
  • Thankfulness for everything you already have – look around you at the things you already have and see abundance everywhere. If you want money and currently perceive you don’t have enough, then look for more general things to raise your vibration. Feel thankful for the air you breathe, the clothes you wear, your family and friends, the trees in the field, the food that you eat. You can work around to money later.
  • Meditation. This is one of the best ways to ‘get out of your own way’ and allow the universe in. Meditation is simply a way of stopping your normal ‘noisy’ thoughts and allowing yourself the space to feel and receive the energy of the universe. You don’t need to be a yogi to do this (although I do recommend yoga as a general practice). You can start easily by sitting in a comfortable position, closing your eyes and just breathing in and out deeply for a few minutes. Your head may initially be full of thoughts but allow them to come and go. One trick I like to use is to imagine a set of coat pegs similar to that you see in a primary school. When a thought comes into my head, I simply ‘hang it up’ for later and pretty soon, I can allow myself the space in my thinking for truly spiritual and enlightened thoughts to flow. Do this for 15 minutes each day and you will see great improvements.
  • Self-esteem and pride in your own divinity. You are a magnificent, creative and spiritual being whether you like it of not so feel proud of yourself and what you have achieved already, however small. Begin by giving yourself some positive self-talk and don’t listen to the negative thoughts you may think about yourself – throw them out.
  • Take a walk in nature. Walking in nature on your own or with others is a great way to forget the worries and stress of everyday life. Take time to notice the world around you; the beauty of the scenery, the magnificence of creation. Listen to the birds sing and the wind through the trees – hug a tree if you want and try to connect to its energy – it’s great fun! Above all, allow your mind to appreciate the amazing and natural things you have access to all the time, regardless of race, status, or financial prosperity.

  • Visusalisation. In order for this to raise your vibration, you must have a positive feeling while visualising the things you want. If you visualise or think about a relationship for example, but your feelings are one of loneliness, you will only get more loneliness. Questions I like to ask when visualising which I find bring a positive response are:
    • What will I feel like if I achieve my goals?
    • Who can I help when I achieve my goals?
    • What if I really could be….or do….or have (fill in what you want to achieve here).
  • Take a bath. Water is the closest element to pure positive energy – this is why taking a bath is so relaxing. Give yourself the time to relax and totally enjoy the experience. Use some essential oils if you want to, or your favourite bath product to engage your olfactory sense of smell. This can raise your vibration instantly too – think of how you feel when you smell your favourite scent.
  • Listen to your favourite music. We hear music because of the vibration it causes in our ears. Music is one of the best ways to raise your vibration almost instantly. Choose your favourite positive music, the one that makes you feel good, energetic and happy. Dance around to it if you want. You will be raising your vibration as you do. If you want to listen to some positive music, I recommend searching youTube.com for some “positive vibrational music”. There are some wonderful tracks out there.
  • Be joyful – about anything! Being joyful and happy about any subject will raise your vibration. What makes people joyful and happy changes from person to person but here are a few common ones that you could do to help raise your vibrations:
      • play with your children
      • cuddle your pets
      • do some gardening
      • go fishing
      • sing
      • watch an uplifting movie
      • redesign your room
      • tidy up the clutter
  • Do something physical. Exercise releases brain chemicals that can stave off depression and make you feel good. Whatever type of exercise you like is what you should do – don’t force yourself to do something under duress as this will only cause a negative emotion. The trick is to find something you really enjoy and do that – be it the gym, dancing (my favourite), swimming (another good one since it involves water), running, walking, trampolining, sex (yes, it releases ‘happy hormones’ too), martial arts – whatever you want. Raise your heart rate to raise your vibration.

Things which take you out of alignment

  • Complaining and moaning
  • A victim mentality
  • Blaming others
  • Blaming or beating up on yourself
  • Anger, hatred
  • Feeling that we are all in competition with each other

I will not focus on these as I don’t want to activate their vibration – suffice to say that if you are doing any of them, just stop! Focus on the positive instead. You are in control of your thoughts – you have the power to change. 

I hope this helps you raise your vibration. Please feel free to comment below if you’d like to.

I wish you all success if your endeavours.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this knowledge! I have been interested in the subject, Law of Attraction, and I have been practicing to create positive vibrations. I’m glad you mentioned that knowing everything is not the solution for ultimate peace; I have been at peace with myself, and I plan to walk through nature more, meditate, and even do yoga. Thank you, and I will definitely come back for more!

    • Thanks Marques for reading and and taking the time to comment. I’m glad that you have been looking into the law of attraction and I hope that the article was able to explain a few things. There are more articles on the site if you need more information on anything but it seems that you have made a great start.  Your thoughts and feelings are the main thing to be aware of as they are your emotional guidance system. If you feel good, then you’re on the right track! 🙂 All the best. Gail 

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Radha. I’m glad you found it interesting. As you say, lots of people are not achieving their full potential due to the thoughts they hold so it’s always good to become aware of your thoughts. That way, if you need to, you have the power to change them. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Hi Gail,
    What a fantastic article on the Law of Attraction!
    I definitely have to get back to meditation, and just getting still and quiet for a period of time. It helps so much when you have cleared the mind. I love how you described the level of vibration or frequency. Really got me thinking about how I must change my thought process – and to be a bit more grateful for the little things in life!

    • Hi Sharon. Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m very happy that you found the article helpful as that is my intention in writing it – I would like to help people think about how they think so they have the power to  change if they want to. I wish you every success in going through with your improvement process and hope 2018 will be the best year yet for you. 

  3. I love this article, and actually needed to read this today. Everything you said is absolutely correct the law of attraction is always happening. Sometimes we’re too caught up in life that we lose vibration to manifest the things we want in life. Another thing that helps raise our vibration is the sun’s light. It helps repeal negative energy, and clear negativity making us vibrate to a higher vibration. I thank you for this information it really makes sense.

    • Hi Junior. Thank you for reading the article and leaving a comment. I’m glad you found it useful and what you needed. I’m also pleased that you already know about the law of attraction and are used to thinking about your vibration and how to raise it. I agree with you wholeheartedly that the sun can indeed raise vibration and clear away negative energy. This is one of the reasons a lot of people feel better in the summer. Spending anytime in nature is a usually a good thing to do to raise vibration too. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Hope you have a wonderful day. Gail

  4. My life has been very stressful and unfulfilling recently, and I heard I can help this issues by raising vibrational frequency. Your article had some great tips about this, and I liked how you said that the first important step is to send out my desires into the universe, and that step two is the universe responding to those desires. I had no idea this is how this worked, and I’ll keep this in mind when practicing my vibrartional alignment.

    • Hi Jocelyn. I’m glad you liked the article and I really do recommend raising your emotional vibration that will help you feel better. You might like to try going through the tips too as they will help you to feel better in the moment.

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