What Is An Abundance Mentality?

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Do you have an “Abundance Mentality“?

What is an abundance mentality anyway and is it important for getting what you want?

The answer to the last question is definitely “YES” It’s vital – depending on what you want of course, but I’m guessing that you’re not reading this because you are hoping to manifest more bills, stress or feelings of poverty!

Many people say that they want ‘abundance’ in their lives and turn to the law of attraction to get it. They may have read “The Secret” or “Think and Grow Rich” and set out enthusiastically to build vision boards and repeat mantras ad infinitum telling themselves “I am a millionaire” thinking that this is some kind of new age ‘spell’ which will magically transform their life.

If this is you, or has been you, then please………….do read on.

Firstly, in order to receive abundance, then you really need to understand what you are asking the universe for. “Abundance” after all by definition, is a ‘limitless’ word!

So before you sit down with your latest subliminal tape in one hand, and your pile of bills in the other, take a moment out to truly understand what you are asking for, how it all works and why the results you want, might be eluding you.

What Does Abundance Mean To You?

When most people ask for abundance, they usually mean financial abundance – money, gold, dollars, cheques/checks – the old ‘spondoolies’ in the bank!

They are looking to increase their physically-manifested bank balance and they can become obsessed with this one measure of abundance, to the point that it detracts from what they are really trying to achieve. In fact if they focus on this measure exclusively and don’t have an abundance mentality, it usually actively works against what they want to manifest.

The reason for this is simple and I won’t go into too much detail here because you can read more in my post on how the law of attraction works through vibrations and feelings here.

Suffice to say, that it is what you FEEL, not what you SAY that affects your vibration. So when you feel good, you are vibrating at a high level, and when you feel unhappy, angry or rejected, then your vibration falls. However, the law of attraction does not respond like your mother would. If you are feeling bad, more often than not, a mother would come over to you when she notices you are not feeling so good and bring you something to make you feel better.

But the universe is not so judgmental – in fact it has no value judgment at all. It just brings you more things of the same frequency that you are vibrating.

Therefore, if you are unhappy, the law of attraction brings you more of those vibrations you are focused on – the unhappy ones. And if you are joyous and loving, the law of attraction brings you more of that. It works on FEELINGS NOT WORDS.

Everything has a vibration, but the inert, material things in the world (like money) are not really what we humans are after.

As I often remind my daughter when she is begging me for an iPhone, I say “you could have a million iPhones, but if you don’t have anyone to phone, what good are they to you?”

Now I have nothing against iPhones, and I hope you see my point.

school children with a phoneWhat my daughter really wants is the feeling she thinks she will get when she can show off her new iPhone to her friends. She really wants to feel accepted by them, and for them to admire her and take her into their ‘iPhone gang’ because she believes that these things will make her happier. So she asks me for an iPhone.

Of course, it’s an ‘iPhone’ this week, and it will be a new pair of trainers next week. And next year it might be a new computer or a new car. The principle is the same.

She says she wants the ‘thing‘ but what she really wants is to feel happier than she does now and she mistakenly (as we all do) equates that feeling of happiness with having the ‘thing’.

This is where I believe that we have got much of the law of attraction twisted round the wrong way, because we become fixated by the physical manifestations of the ‘things’ we want – read ‘money’ here if you are seeking financial abundance; lover if you are looking for a relationship; or healthy body if you have currently manifested a body that doe not make you feel good.

It’s not really the ‘piles of green coloured paper’ you want. You could have ten million dollars in a room, but if you were locked in that room with the money for the rest of your life, I’m betting that would not make you happy.

You want the money because of what you think the money can do for you. Or more accurately put, because of what you think you can do, feel and become, with the freedom you believe the money will bring you.

Understanding and really grasping this subtle shift in your mentality is key to getting the abundance you want.

Woman relaxing by the sea

The feeling is more precious than the ‘thing’.

What it means practically is that you should all be focusing less on the ‘money’ and much more on the feelings you will gain by experiencing the things you truly want to. THEN, you will attract those feelings of happiness to you, and the ‘money’ will become immaterial – quite literally!  Actually, you WILL also manifest more money, but you won’t need to – a very subtle, but important difference.

Fixating on the ‘money’ limits your options because it focuses on only one way to get the things you want – and yet the universe has limitless ways in which it can deliver these things to you.

I’ll give you a simple example that happened to me recently.

My 10 year old daughter needed to buy a prize for her school summer fayre since she was running a ‘guess the stones in a jar’ stall and they needed a £5 prize for the winner. We decided that we would buy a squishy (soft toy) since these seem to be all the rave at the moment.

In the car on the way, she said to me, “Mummy, I’d really like to have a new squishy too, can I have one please?”.

I replied that we were not going out to buy toys for her because our goal was to get the prize for the fayre.

“That’s alright, she said, I’ll manifest it”. (She’s been listening to me too long, but she is very good a manifesting! 

When we got to the shop, I had to smile. We found that all the squishies were on a half price discount for that day only. So we not only bought a £5 squishy for the fayre, but she had indeed managed to manifest herself a new toy into the bargain.

The point here is this – if she had focused on getting an actual £5 note so she could buy her own squishy, she would have given the universe only one way in which to deliver to her the thing she wanted.

But because she focused on how she would feel when she got a new toy, the universe was able to find differnt ways to fulfill her desires. In this case, it came in the form of a one-day discount for that particular toy.

So when I ask “what does abundance mean to you?” I really want you to pinpoint, what abundance would feel like to you – and I’m pretty certain your answer would not be “lots of small pieces of printed paper tied up with string!”

Abundance is so much more.

Abundance is the freedom to choose the things you want.

It is the certainty of knowing you can go anywhere or experience anything you want.

It is the joyous, excitement of anticipating a new adventure.

It is feeling of optimism and hope.

Abundance is the security that comes with never having to feel fear or anxiety again.

It’s sharing and caring for your fellow human beings and all other things on the planet.

It is life, it is breath.

It is limitless.

It is LOVE.

That is what true abundance is about – it’s not about the figures on your bank statement.

Man standing beneath a waterfall

And yet so many of us make our ‘abundance’ synonymous with just “having more money”, which is why we come so unstuck!

As I said, the problem with this approach is that when many of us think about ‘money’, we look around at our current circumstances and come to the conclusion that we don’t have enough money.

We ALL do it. And we all know now, where that leads, don’t we?

So what should we do instead? Develop our Abundance Mentality

Instead, if we could broaden our definition of abundance and consistently focus on the feelings they bring, the universe would deliver more abundance of ALL FORMS to us – and yes, that would include more money.

You could feel that you had an abundance of breath for example, or abundant health.

You could focus on the abundance of friends you have and give thanks for those, thinking of all the good times you can have together, for free.

You could focus on the abundance of clothes in your wardrobe, flowers in your garden, or pebbles on the beach.

You could look at the stars in the night sky and wonder at the limitlessness of the universe, feeling how amazing it is to be part of something that is so large, limitless and expansive.

THEN you will begin to develop your abundance mentality and your world will open up like magic.

Focus on the Feeling – It’s The Ultimate Manifestation


Appreciating an abundance of flowers can make you feel rich

And finally, here’s a thought to leave you with…

What does God touch, smell, taste, hear or feel?

Non-physical, source energy can only feel and vibrate. If we evolve up to the level of these higher vibrations, you won’t need the physical manifestations of the things we crave on earth, because these are really only the byproduct of our focused feelings.

Physical manifestations are the ‘trappings’ of earth because we humans put too much store on them. But these things are really only here to give us something to bounce off, to give us something better to choose next time.

Like my daughter and her iPhone, trainers and car. They are the byproducts of our consistent feelings, that lead us to evolve to even greater choices.

I believe we will eventually evolve our consciousness enough to not need the physical manifestations at all – like leaving your bike stabilisers behind. We will no longer need the physical manifestations of things in order to create new expansive choices; we will just be able to expand from the vibrations alone – isn’t that what source energy does?

Isn’t that enlightenment?

So today, try to widen your definition of abundance and focus on your feelings and just see what you manifest.

I’d love to hear your comments below too. Have a wonderful, and blessed day.



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  1. This is a great eye-opener! The human race has definitely put too much focus on the money, material, and objects, but like you said, it’s the feeling that we’re after. I will definitely take this piece of advice and start focusing my goals on the feelings I’m after versus the material. Are there any mental exercises that you suggest to help shift this way of thinking? Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Jeremy. Thanks for your comment and I totally agree that we are focusing on the wrong material thing here which is one of the reasons for writing the post. Regarding mental exercises, one of the best things to do is just to become aware of your thoughts. Many people just react to things without even thinking that they have control of their thoughts in the first place. If you become aware of your thoughts, it means you can have more control. So if you are in a situation where you feel you need help, stop, take an imaginary step back and imagine you have frozen the movie of your life. Imagine stepping out of your body and ask your frozen self “is that the best thought I can have in this situation?” Then answer the question and look at the other options you have too. Having chosen your best thought, mentality step back into yourself and think the better thought. Hope this helps. Gail

  2. Hello Gail what a fantastic article. This was an amazing read for me. For two years I studied the mind it’s the most powerful thing in the universe. Studied just what you shared and your 100% right manifestation is a feeling thing not I’m going to have a million dollars and poof there it is. So many people have truly miss understood it and wonder why they are still unhappy and still in debt. Thank you so much Gail for the great article and many many people need to read this your spot on with it. Oh and my 3 daughters are obsessed with squishys.
    Thank you,

    • Hello David. Thank you for reading and leaving your thoughts. I totally agree that the mind is a powerful thing and we humans are certainly not using ours to its full capacity at the moment. I wish more people would read about the law of attraction and how things really work but they will come to it in their own time – each to their own path. 🙂 Glad your daughters like squishys too. My other daughter is into slime (:() which I find a lot more messy!!! 🙂

  3. Hello Gail,
    I really enjoyed reading this amazing article, actually, couples days ago I was reading an article about ” The law of attraction” and I could learn much. Nowadays people are disconnected from the universe and focus more on materials goods. We have to be grateful for what we have. I have learned a lot from this article Thank you, Gail,,

    • Hi Daniel. Many thanks for reading this and reading a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it and felt that you learned a lot. That means a lot to me too as I really want to write useful articles for my site. It’s fine to want material things and to want new experiences but we just focus so much on the having of them that we forget how to get them, and that it’s really the feelings that we want anyway. So glad too that you can be grateful as that is always the key. Gail

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