What is the language of the universe?

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What is the language of the universe?

In order to make the universal law of attraction work for you, you need to speak the language of the universe, or how else can you transmit the things you want and expect the universal forces to respond?  It’s a bit like have a Christmas list – if you don’t have one at all, then you usually get a lot of random presents, some you might like, some you might not. If you have a Christmas list but don’t send it to Santa (! or his/your friends), then the same thing will happen.  And if you have a Christmas list and manage to send it to all your friends (and Santa) but no of them speak your language, then you may well be disappointed come Christmas morning.

So how can we make sure that we are speaking the universal language of the law of attraction so that what we ask for, is what we actually receive? And what then is the language of the universe?

The challenge of human communication

My daughter has just started secondary school. She set off on the first day, nervous about having to catch the school bus when she didn’t really know anyone else from our village (her primary school was in a village a few miles away so most of her friends are from that village). I could see she was anxious and I asked her why. She said that she wasn’t sure if anyone else would speak to her and how she would make friends. I did my best to be the calming, supportive  parent and ease her worries saying that there would be many other people in the same boat and that she would easily make new friends.

Her reply to this was interesting – she said “we’re not going on a boat mummy, we’re going on a bus!”

This pulled me up short! Of course I knew she was going on a bus not a boat.  Even with our English summers we don’t get that much rain where I live. My use of the expression “all in the same boat” was meant to reassure her that there would be other people who felt the same as her so there was nothing to worry about. However, she had obviously taken this literally and misunderstood my words and my intention.

I explained what the expression meant and in the end I gave her a massive hug, smiled broadly and said, “Just be yourself, smile, and people will smile back.”  Needless to say, she returned later that day (smiling) having made some great new friends and all has been well ever since. But this incidence made me think…..deeply.

How can we be sure we are communicating our intentions and emotions accurately to people. Would that even be possible? And if I can’t communicate fully with my daughter, how can I be sure that I’m communicating with the UNIVERSE in the correct way to make the law of attraction work for me?

The problem with words

This instance highlighted to me the problem of trying to communicate using words alone. Now as a drama teacher, I’m well aware that words make up only 7% of our communication. The rest of what we communicate is done through body language, facial expressions and our tone of voice. At best, words are often inadequate at expressing what we really mean; and at worst, they can be totally misunderstood and cause offence. Think of all those texts we’ve sent innocently in a hurry which have come back to haunt us because someone misunderstood our words or the tone. And don’t even start me on the problems of predictive text………

There’s another problem with language between people that is obvious. My daughter is learning German at school now, and so regularly practices her new found knowledge around the dinner table, much to the annoyance of her younger sister, who does not understand a word and feels locked out of the conversation. And that’s just with one language: when you realise there are over 6900 different languages in the world today, the problem becomes magnified.

Words are inadequate

Another reason that words are so inadequate is that even if they do speak the same language, what one person means by a word or expression is not necessarily what the recipient means or understands. In fact, words are always specific to a person’s culture, experience, upbringing and education. Take the word ‘father’ for example. Now when many people use the word ‘father’ they conjure an image of the friendly, loving parent they had as a child: the one who provided for them; cared for them and protected them during a vulnerable time of their life. They feel secure and happy. But there are also many people who will internally shudder when they hear the word ‘father’ because the images they conjure up are of varying degrees of authoritarian discipline, punishment or at worst, abuse. I used to be a foster carer, and I can honestly say that I never really understood how much this meant we neared mother’s day one year. I had always looked forward to this day as a chance to tell my wonderful mum how much I loved her and how grateful I was for having her in my life. And yet, when I was looking after some children once who’s mother had neglected and abused them, mother’s day took on a whole new connotation for me.  Everywhere I looked, in every shop and on every street corner, there was a reminder about mothers – which to the children I was looking after, meant a reminder about the suffering they had, and the pain of being taken into care. I will never forget trying to steer the children through the shops avoiding the many posters and adverts about how wonderful ‘mothers’ were, when I knew that the children experiences were  very different. I couldn’t wait for mother’s day to be over!

So on their own, words have no meaning beyond a dictionary definition – but what is much more powerful is the meaning we each attach to that particular word, which is unique to us. That is where the true power lies.

So how does all this fit with the law of attraction?

So if different nationalities speak different languages, and words in different languages are inadequate at expressing our true meaning anyway, what is the language that the universe speaks? Is is all of them or none of them?  When I asked around my friends, most of them opted for the first option, assuming that the universe, in its unlimited infinity would speak all languages – like a super-charged C3PO from the Star Wars films, easily translating from one to the other.  And yet I believe it to be the opposite. I believe the universal language is not a language of words at all – but a language of feeling, or more commonly talked about in law of attraction circles, as a vibration or frequency. We are all made of energy and that energy has a vibration which in turn has a frequency. Higher emotions such as love and compassion have a higher frequency than lower emotions such as jealousy or hate.

What we really communicate in, and what the universe responds to is our FEELINGS and VIBRATIONS, not our WORDS. You cannot misinterpret feeling happy; you understand the pain if of what it means to feel jealous; we all understand how compassion makes us feel.  And it is this feeling or vibrational energy that the universe understands.  The word for ‘father’ in German might be ‘vater’ and ‘père’ in French, but these words are just inadequate in describing the person we all think of when we hear the word ‘father’.  Yet if you love your father and respect him, then if you focus on this person, you will feel this love and respect flow through your being – your energetic vibration will be set for love and respect.  If you abhorred your father, then when you think of him, you may feel sick to your stomach and your body language will reflect this abhorrence causing you to become withdrawn or angry. Again, your energetic state will be set.

The universal law of attraction states that ‘like attracts like’ and you get what you focus on; so if you are thinking, speaking or visualising a word or situation, whatever feeling this creates within you will be the one the universe responds too.  The law of attraction will match this vibration and line things up for you that will match. So if you are feeling happy, it will bring you more happiness. And if you are feeling angry, then the universal energy will line up other similar ‘angry’ energies, and you will manifest more of these in your life. It’s really as simple as that. 

It is not sufficient to talk about your dreams and desires unless you truly feel positive and optimistic about them, because the universe will bypass the words and go straight for the feelings and vibartional energy you create – and it will match and mirror them back to you in your life situations.

Pay attention to your feelings – it’s what the universe understands

When you are consciously creating the things you want in your life and using the law of attraction to manifest them into reality, it is vital that you understand the difference between the words you use and the feelings they create. Reciting hours or mantras everyday about how you feel ‘rich and financially free’ will not attract the money you seek if your underlying feeling is one of hopelessness and disbelief.  All you will get is more hopelessness and disbelief.  So choosing your words and subsequent feelings carefully is vital in order to set the correct energy in motion.

Tips for tapping into the language of the universe

1. When you focus on what you want, make sure your feelings are positive. One of the best way I have of turning something that I want into something that I have, is to focus forward and ask myself the question: What will I feel like when I have XYZ? (insert whatever you desire here).  Intensify that feeling so it actually brings a smile to your face and a warm feeling in your body. That way, I know I am not just wishing hopefully for the thing with words, but am attaching positive vibrational energy to the thing I want.  Sometimes my daughter asks for sweets saying:  “please mummy, please, please, please can I have some sweets, please, please, please, mummy please?”  I’m sure you can see that this is not her best strategy for manifesting sweets!  Even though she is asking for sweets using words, her underlying feelings suggest that she knows she is not going to get them and all she really feels is frustrated. It would be much better for her to imagine eating the sweets she wanted and to feel the joy of eating it throughout her body.  That way, she usually gets the sweets she wants!

2. If you can’t feel positive about the specific thing you want, be more general in your desires until you can. One of the things that some of the recent advocates of the law of attraction spoke about was ‘cosmic ordering’, where people were advised to be very specific about what the ‘ordered’ from the universe. It was supposed to work a bit like ordering a pizza in a restaurant! You told the universe what you wanted in really specific detail, and waited for it to arrive. For example, there were many people out there making long lists of the characteristics of their ideal partner, right down to his/her eye colour and shoe size!  They were often disappointed when their partner failed to materialise and began to believe that the law of attraction was not working or was inaccurate.  But the law of attraction is always working. The problem with this way of thinking is that it didn’t focus on the vibrations and feelings the person, only on the ordering process itself. And guess what ? Very few of those people manifested their ideal partner!  It would be much better for them to focus on how it would feel if they had a partner who loved them so unconditionally that they felt totally accepted, warts and all. In this mode, they can feel positive and anticipate a wonderful relationship.  So be general and get yourself into a positive state before starting. then you can move on to being more specific. If you can express your desire in terms of how brilliant it would feel if you had it, the universe can respond.  Can you see how this works?

3. Be grateful for the things you already have, whilst waiting for the things you want. Finally, you need to feel gratitude for the things you already have, however small.  Feeling gratitude puts you in a higher vibration automatically. If you can look around and appreciate your breath, or the flowers, or the fact that you are here on this wonderful planet at this amazing and time of development for example, then you will raise your own vibration, the universe will understand and will have no choice but to accept and respond.

If you’d like to know more about this and how it relates to positive thinking, then click here. 



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  1. Thanks for sharing this information, Gail. When I chanced upon your blog post, I wondered what is really the language of the universe? What will I learn here?

    And yes, it is all about Feelings. A famous spiritual guru wrote in a book – Everything is Feelings. Back then, I wasn’t sure what he meant. Over the years, I have gradually learned that it is the language of this universe. Just as you have shared here.

    I am constantly learning ways to improve my manifesting abilities. Your post helped a lot. Thank you for the tips. I will practise them.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Timotheus and thank you for reading the article. I totally agree that learning on this subject can be gradual. I’ve been studying it for over 3o years now and still more to learn. On the one hand it is very simple, on the other, there’s a lot to it. Hope you can create the life you really want.

  2. Great post. I recently took this NLP course which also deals with communication, exact wording and positive states to connect with others. I see a huge interface with what you are talking about…

    • Thank you so much for your comments, Juan. I don’t know if you read the ‘about me’ page but I am also a trainer of NLP so there is a great cross-over here for me too. In my mind, there are many ways of expressing and explaining the same thing and we all understand it in our own way. But that’s because our life experience is all different, and that’s how it should be. Come back anytime. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Gail, I absolutely loved your article. It is so very true what your write. The universe doesn’t listen to words (our subconscious mind does though), but to the vibrations you send along with these words. If there is old programming and you don’t feel good about the things you say you want, the universe will match that feeling, not what you say. Gratitude for what’s already in your life is a major vibe booster! It’s so important! Thank you for sharing this beautiful content Gail. Your website is in my bookmarks. I feel very connected with you somehow. That must be an energy thing 😉 😀

    • Thanks Anja for your lovely comments. You and I know that there are no coincidences, only meetings that are on brought about by intention and vibrations at the same vibrational level so we must all be here for a reason! Thank you for reading and commenting. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of each other on our sites too. All the best today. Gail

  4. Hello Gail, Thank you for such an enlightening piece. It really opened my eyes and changed my energy instantly. THANK YOU

    • Dear Yusuf. So glad you likee the piece and found it to be helpful in changing your energy. Energy is all around us all of the time, so if we take time to tune in, wonders can happen. All the best and thanks again for taking time to comment. Gail

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