What is the secret and the law of attraction?

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What is the law of attraction and its ‘secret’

As stated elsewhere on this site, there is no ‘secret’ to the law of attraction. It is a universal law which governs all things and is the basis for creation in the universe. You can use it to your advantage or you can ignore it completely, but it will still work through you, either way.

You cannot opt in or opt out, but you can ‘zone out’ and become a default creator, stumbling through your life, reacting to whatever circumstances life seems to throw at you, instead of becoming a conscious creator and directing the course of your own life.

I believe that we all chose to come to this life in order to experience the thrill of conscious creation, to ride the waves of deliberate and intended manifestation and to have enormous fun doing it. But there are some fundamental premises that you need to accept in order to fully understand what the law of attraction is about, and how you can get back to your true and magnificent nature and work with the universe creating the life you really want.

These premises are:

  1. We exist in a vibrational universe
  2. The law of attraction exists – answering nature’s call for ‘more’
  3. You need to align your vibrational energy to let in what you have asked for.

Understanding these premises, and applying the techniques and principles you will find on this site, will help you direct your thoughts, your energy, and ultimately the universe, to create the wonderful life that you have imagined, the one you’ve been dreaming of since childhood which is now within your grasp if you would just let it in. It really is there for the taking so read on to begin the journey of your life.

Let’s look at each of the 3 premises in turn.

Premise 1: We exist in a vibrational universe

I’ve just said it on the homepage here, but I’ll say it again…..we are all made of energy! Flesh and blood yes, but flesh and blood that is ultimately made of energy for we are all really spiritual beings in a physical world.

I will explain more of that one on a future post, but like it or not, energy is what we are, and as such, we are all vibrating or resonating at different frequencies all the time. In fact, every cell of our body is doing the same: every electron, every molecule, every hair on our head is vibrating at some frequency or another.

Most of us have heard of Albert Einstein and his most famous equation:

E = mc²

But few of us understand what it means. So let’s think about it and return to school physics and special relativity just for a moment to give us a deeper understanding of what we are made of and why this is so fundamental to everything we know, or think we know about ourselves.

Firstly, what do the letters in the famous equation stand for?

E = energy, (we are talking about change in kinetic energy in this equation, or the energy of movement, in Joules)

m = the mass of the thing being measured (in kg)

c² = the speed of light, squared. This is a constant number, which means it never changes, and is basically just a really big number (299,792,458 m/s x 299,792,458m/s)

So basically, Einstein is saying that

Energy = Mass (times a really big number)

or put another way, mass and energy are inter-related. Anything having mass has some related energy, and anything having energy, has some related mass.

Now I admit that this is a great simplification of the most famous of equations but the principle holds up. If we are made up of mass (bones, skins, hair etc) then we are at the same time, made up of energy and so is everything else in the universe.

I did A’ levels physics and I loved it. I was taught, as we all are, that the nucleus of an atom contained positive protons, neutrons and much smaller, negatively charged electrons spinning around the nucleus. For many years, these particles were thought to be the smallest particles in the universe. Then scientists ‘discovered’ that protons and neutrons are actually made of quarks, and we now know there are 6 types of quarks (known as flavours!), antiquarks, fermions, bosons (including the recently discovered, Higgs Boson which some scientists interestingly call the ‘God particle’). There are also lists of hypothetical particles which scientists have speculated and theorised must exist but as yet have not been ‘discovered’ such as squarks, neutralinos, Higgsinos and sleptons.

The point of this is that as we look deeper and deeper into what we think we know about the universe, the more it confirms that we are all made of the same thing – energy in different forms and states. The physical ‘things’ we see around us and rely on are actually mostly made up ’empty space’ since the relative distances between the particles within them is enormous. The actual amount of ‘matter’ inside them is minuscule compared to the space they take up, but the energy and the balance of the forces that creates, keeps the particles spinning and gives us the illusion of ‘things’.

String theory and the latest ‘M’ theories are based on the premise that the smallest particles in the universe are made up of one-dimensional objects called strings’ which can have different vibrational states. This is a bit like plucking a stretch guitar string and seeing the vibrations or excitations of the string. Only in string theory, the ‘strings’ are floating freely in the universe, not tied to a guitar!

I’ve listed some interesting links below about the physics discussed here, which are easy to watch and read if you are interested in that aspect.

BBC2 Horizon programme on the smallest particles in the universe

Super string theory basics

Website on the smallest particles in the universe

For a timeline of the discovery of different particles on Wikipedia, click here.

This might seem a bit ‘high brow’ but it really isn’t. The universe IS made of energy and we can accept it and work with it or not. You don’t have to understand quantum physics, but it helps if you accept we are in a vibration based universe.

The thing about everything being made of energy is this – we are all vibrating beings, every cell of us vibrates, and everything has a different frequency.

Now not everyone is into quantum physics, and when people first hear this they can sometimes balk, dismissing it as nonsense, but if you consider if more carefully from the vantage point of things you already know and accept, then the theory becomes less far-fetched.

Think about what you know about light, or sound waves for example. Most people will accept that light is on a spectrum and there are different wavelengths and frequencies of light, some of which they can see (like the visible light spectrum) and some of which we can’t see, (like infra-red, or microwaves).

Sound waves too exist on a spectrum with various frequencies and vibrations – that’s how we can tune into hear music on one radio station, whilst ignoring the music on another. The fact that we tune into 96.6 FM means that we cannot hear 89.1 FM at the same time, or even 104.8 LW but that doesn’t mean that the others cease to exist. They are always there but we are just not tuned into them at that time, so we are not aware of them and cannot experience them in that moment.

The vibrations of the universe are everywhere whether we see or hear them or not. Stand in front of a speaker at a music concert and you’ll feel a vibration. Watch a bell vibrate as you strike it. Sunbathe on a warm day and feel the vibration of the sun’s rays as they confer their heat energy to you.

Nature uses vibration all the time. The Great Gray Owl that lives in the northern hemisphere close to the arctic circle can catch prey under half a metre of snow just by translating the sound vibrations that the prey makes as it moves about under the snow. It cannot see the vole as it scurries under a thick layer of snow, but it picks up the vibrations and pounces. A hammerhead shark can detect a ‘hidden’ prey by detecting the weak electrical field a fish gives off just because it is alive.

Think about dogs and high-pitched whistles, or thermal-imaging cameras that can ‘see’ in the dark where our human eyes cannot, or CAT scans, X-rays, ultrasound, echo-location to name but a few. We only hear a plucked guitar string as a specific note because our ears translate the frequency that the string as it vibrates -the list is endless. We recognise and rely on a myriad of technological devices every day that prove the existence of a vibrational universe, yet some of us still have a problem believing it about ourselves. My question is simply, why?

I can’t help thinking that George Lucas was not that far off in understanding the universe in lay terms, when he described ‘the force’ in Star Wars in 1979.

The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.” Obe-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.

What better explanation do we need?

Premise 2: The law of attraction exists – answering nature’s call for ‘more’

Many people come to the law of attraction out of a desire to have a greater degree of control over their own lives. A lot us feel lost and helpless at points in our life and recognise a call from deep within ourselves for things to be better. This is the call of expansion – the call of the universe or of ‘evolution’ if you will – a desire deep-down for things to be better, for continued improvement, or just for things to be ‘better‘ or ‘more‘ than they have ever been before.

We all feel this urge. We cannot, not feel it. Remember that the law of attraction says that “like attracts like”. What you think of on a daily and regular basis, is what you will attract. So if you are having positive thoughts which result in positive feelings and corresponding positive vibrations, then the law of attraction says the universe will line up more vibrations of the same frequency, which you, in turn, will experience as the manifestations you desire.

Your thoughts = vibrations = more similar vibrations = manifestations you experience (i.e. your stuff!)

This in a nutshell, is how the law of attraction works.

If you desire something such as increased prosperity, you can create a thought about it. And if you can think about it and focus on it in a positive way, you can create a great feeling about having it. And if you can do this, the universe will answer and send you a whole myriad of circumstances which match this vibration which will then manifest into your own experience regardless of where you start, what you have now and what other people tell you is possible.

What an amazing array of wonderful and inspiring things you have dreamt of which are all waiting for you to claim as your birthright if only you could let them in.

Of course, the opposite is true as well since the law of attraction does not judge your desires as right or wrong. It merely responds to the vibrational output you give off. So if you are thinking constantly about the lack of something you want, such as the lack of money you have, and if you are constantly moaning and putting energy into complaining about that, then the universe will respond in kind. And yes, it will bring you more of what you have put out – a lack of money!

The problem comes because many of us have grown so practiced at ignoring our true desires and our dreams that we never give them free rein. We squash them with our cynicism and self-doubt; reminding ourselves with our own self-talk about how unworthy we are and how we couldn’t possibly deserve to achieve them anyway.

Many of us look around at the world, observe our current state and say “look, there’s evidence of why we can’t have what we want – because there’s not enough money and not enough resources”. We view things around us and start to believe our own excuses as to why we cannot be more or have more. We see that no one else stands apart and we question our desires asking “who are we to stand out from the crowd?” We conveniently forget that in doing so, we bind ourselves into a spiral of unsatisfied desires and ever-increasing disappointment whilst our dreams go unfulfilled.

We become the victims. We think that events are happening to us and that we have no control over them. We give up our true power and turn instead to blame and feelings of insecurity and lack. We think that there is not enough to go around, that we are in competition with each other and that we cannot have more because someone else got there before us and we are at the back of the queue! Our universe appears to be created in spite of us, not necessarily because of us!

But these are all massively flawed ways of thinking that keep us stuck in a spiral of unfulfillment.

Maybe that is what has brought you here – maybe you know deep down that there is more to life than you are currently experiencing and you want a chance to get it. I would say to you, “have faith because you are right, you are SO RIGHT“.

There’s always more: there’s more to see, to hear, to feel, to touch, to taste, and to experience. There’s so much more available to your right now if you could only allow it to unfold in your experience. In fact, the universe is set up to expand in response to your desires – it will expand according to your desires because you are the creator of your own universe. This is due to the law of attraction.

To me, the law of attraction is the mechanism that supports the positive, evolutionary, expansive force behind everything. We all have a different name for what we believe to be the creative force. Some common ones are:

  • God
  • The Force (yes, like Star Wars)
  • Chi
  • The Great Spirit
  • Gaia
  • Jehova
  • Allah
  • Ki
  • Prana
  • Kundalini
  • Source energy
  • The universe
  • Nature
  • The goddess
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Universal life force

The list is really endless and that’s because we humans have evolved across different continents and in different habitats with different cultures and languages. In many cultures, this life force has been experienced, acknowledged and named. The words we use are irrelevant, but the thing itself is most relevant if we want to understand who we really are and how to use the infinite power which we all possess.

Premise 3: You need to align your vibrational energy to let in what you have asked for

This is the difficult part for most people although it really is the most natural and simplest thing in the world to do. Anyone can do it from anywhere because we all possess the resources we need all the time which is only the ability to quiet our mind and resonate with universal energy. The problem is that we have got really good at getting in our own way.

Asking comes easily (premise one), the call is always answered (premise 2), so why does it not appear in our reality? Why can we not spend the money in the bank if the universe is so abundant? And why is there so much hate in the world if the universe is created on love?

The answer is simple – we are launching our desires, yes, but then not tuning-in to the vibration of them long enough or consistently enough for them to manifest in our reality.

In most cases, we are tuning-in to the opposite, or the lack of what we want, so this is what we experience.

I mentioned before about the analogy of the radio dial. This is an analogy that Esther Hicks and Abraham use a lot. You cannot tune your radio to 96.6 and expect to hear the music on 106.2. If we want to hear what is playing on 106.2 we have to turn the radio to that frequency. It is exactly the same with the law of attraction.

The correct sequence of events for creation are as follows:

1. Ask for what you want

2. Source answers and sends what you want

3. Allow the energy to manifest in your life – tune-in to the right frequency and get rid of resistance, negativity and blocks. Energy can then flow to you and through you and when enough has amassed, you will experience it in a physical sense. It is law.

In reality, step 3 is where most people fall down. Step one is what we are all doing all the time, either consciously or unconsciously; step 2 is an automatic response from the universe, but step 3 takes mental and emotional effort and many of us have forgotten how to do step 3 which is why we end up creating by default.

When we master step 3, we can also then begin to be much clearer in step 1 about what we want to ask for, knowing with certainty that it will show up in our lives.

So here’s the problem: Most people are judging themselves by what everyone else has said or created, so they block their own creativity to fit in with what they see around them instead of focusing on what they could create themselves.

Let’s look at another analogy. Imagine you wanted to create a beautiful painting and you know that you have the skills to do it. Everyone in your art class, including you have the ability to paint whatever they want. Most people stand with the brush in their hand, they see some wonderful, colourful flowers in their mind and a desire forms within them to paint them. They rush eagerly to the easel and begin painting in vivid, bright colours. But then they look around at everyone else’s picture and see that everyone else has only painted a black and white daisy, so they think their idea must be ‘wrong’ or ‘inadequate’ in some way. Further inspection of other people’s paintings confirm that the only flowers that could possibly exist are black and white daisies since that is all that others have painted. So they paint over their colourful flowers to match the black and white daisies they see all around them. Can you see what they have done now?

Are you doing that to your own life and desires?

You have inspired thoughts which are amazing and wonderful but you look around at what everyone else has created and what you have limited yourself to in the past, because that’s what everyone else has done, and your inspiration dims. The radio dial is not tuned completely to get the purest sound so you pick up some scratchy noise – you can make out the words but there’s some crackle around the edges which you accept as normal. But it is not the vibration that is coming from source energy to you, it is a dilution of that energy, a lower frequency which you accept and live with. So instead of tuning-in 100% to the right station, you live with an inferior one. And in many cases, you block things so totally that we actually forget you can hear the music or paint at all.

Imagine how amazing your life would be if you could stand like the painter in the room but with a new perspective and a new faith. You now have the paint brush in your hand and in your mind’s eye you visualise the amazingly beautiful flowers you want to paint, that you want to create. You hold this image so brightly in your mind that your arm starts to move automatically and your hand lifts up to the paper and begins to paint. You now focus only on your own painting and are inspired every moment by its emerging beauty. You feel the universal energy flowing through you with every brush stroke until you eventually manifest the image that is in your mind and bring it to life on your paper.

What’s even better is that now, everyone else then looks at your picture and is amazed by its beauty because they didn’t even think that colourful flowers even existed. Now, not only have you manifested your desires and fulfilled your vision, but you have awakened the desires and possibilities of everyone else in your art class. You have expanded the universe; you have become the creator.

Creation happens first IN YOUR IMAGINATION, then in your FOCUSED THOUGHT and eventually IN YOUR REALITY.

The universe is set up to work for you – You create your own reality. Let me say that again with a different stress: The universe is set up to work for YOU. YOU create YOUR OWN reality. Do not get caught up in the reality of everyone else just because it is easier to do that and it is what everyone else does.

Don’t look at the world as it is and settle for what you see, imagine the world you want it to be and set about creating it!

Napoleon Hill said:

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

His visionary words still ring true in this day and age and are perhaps needed now more than ever.

A final thought: “There is no spoon“.

There’s a great line from the film The Matrix, which is in the scene where Neo goes to see the oracle for the first time. He watches a small child bending a spoon with his will and the child says to him.

Boy: Do not try to bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Boy: Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

I love this because I think it applies brilliantly to the way I view the universe and how the law of attraction works. The material things we think we see, smell, touch and hear are not really what we think. They are only collections of energy which in most cases, are mostly empty space, interspersed with a few atoms. When you realise this – that there is “no spoon” in the first place, and your ability to ‘see’, ‘touch’ and ‘taste’ the spoon is only possible because of your ability to translate the vibrations you get through your sight, hearing and touch, then things begin to make more sense.

Then you can start taking care of your own vibration and you begin to take great care of your thoughts – and then my friend, the spoon will indeed bend for you.

Where to go from here?

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Thank you for visiting this site. Feel free to bookmark it and return regularly.

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  1. Duly, ‘Hats Off’, Gail. Wonderful and so ‘explicitly put’ post.

    You are bang on when you say that “Most people are judging themselves by what everyone else has said or created”. That is what we let drive our actions and consequently, get off-path in our journey of life. we do need to align ourselves with the Universe. I loved the analogy of the radio tuner.

    And, cannot ignore the Physics lessons that you have pushed down our throats again after soooo many years LOL!!!

    Great post!!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Deepika. I agree that we all need to stop looking around at others and look within instead. Sorry about the physics but to me it’s all one and the same. Have a great day. Gail

  2. Hi Gail. This is an amazing overview of the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics. I have not checked out your resources yet, are you familiar with Dr. Joe Dispenza? I just finished an amazing book by him about Quantum Physics and how it applies to our lives.

    For many years, I would focus on and worry about the things that I did not want. Of course, I received more of it in return. I wish more people would understand how powerful their thoughts are. Great read!

    • Hi Scott. Thanks for reading. I am familiar with Joe’s work although I have not studied him in detail. But since I trust in the law of attraction, when I hear of new lines and resources, I respect that and always investigate them. Thank you for sharing and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I totally agree that the world would be a better place if more of us understood who we truly are. Let’s set an intention for that. 🙂

  3. The law of attraction only doesn’t work because most people don’t think about a given thing and expect it to get it. Same it will not happen. If we act in a given direction and think about it intensively, then we will attract it. That’s my opinion.

    • Thanks for your comment Michael. I would just add that in my opinion, the law of attraction is always working but people have the perception that it isn’t because they are getting what they don’t want due to their continued focus on the things they don’t want. As you rightly suggest, the way to have the things you want is to focus on that instead. Thanks for reading this. Have a great day. Gail

  4. Hi! Gail,
    You have done a wonderful job in diligently and vigilantly searching, analyzing, and summarizing what you collected, resulting in this masterpiece of work. Bravo.

    Hoping to complement your work, I say: The bottom-line goal of living is to heighten the quality and quantity of life, from which we can possess the best possible energy and ability to care, serve, and love ourselves and all others around us. How? Simple. It is from practicing “High-quality Direct Self-service or High-quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession” as elaborated in https://ebettercare.com/high-quality-healthy-lifestyle-core-foundation-health-care/.

    Best to your digital adventure,

    James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

    • Thanks for your kind comments James and I agree that wellness is a state of mind that we can all achieve easily if we tend to our thoughts first. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. Gail

  5. Wowee, Gail, thanks for an awesome and very comprehensive post. I thought I knew everything there was to know about the Law of Attraction, but I definitely wasn’t aware of all the Science behind it. How fascinating! And thanks for so clearly outlining what to do (and what not to do). I’ve been realising how I’m pushing certain things away from me. I know what I want but I focus on the wanting and talk about the not having instead of living in the new vibration of havingness.

    • Hi Lauren. Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply. I hope it was helpful to you. We don’t need to know any of the physics behind things for the law of attraction to work but I just love it as it draws everything together for me.  I’m not sure we will ever know everything about anything really as our perspective changes, so does what we know and understand and different things make sense to us in different ways. That’s one of the amazing things about the law of attraction too – as we get what we desire, new desires come up and we always want more.  I wish you all the best in manifesting the things you do want. What an exciting time. 🙂

  6. i find the law of attraction really interesting and have often wondered about what it really is in greater detail. this article answered all the questions i previously had in a fun and concise manner and i now feel much more confident when it comes to using the law of attraction to my advantage

    thanks for posting

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Jacob. I’m glad that it was helpful to you in explaining things in some detail. The law of attraction is always working so it will be great if you can use it efficiently to get the things you really want. Thank you again for reading. Gail

  7. Hi Gail Lowe!

    Today, more and more people are becoming aware that the law of attraction is the universal law by which we create our lives.

    I’m glad that there are sites like yours in which you are explaining how this law works. For the first time I heard about the LOA in the book and the movie “The Secret”, and then in the movie “What the Bleep do We Know”. I also applied its principles and consciously attracted many things to my life.

    Thanks for the great article and all the information!

    • Thanks Dragan. I’m glad you found the site and article and that you have also see the 2 films you mention, which are both great at explaining the law of attraction.  It’s great that you can take the principles and apply them in your own life as they do work and anyone who applies them consistently and in a focused way can attest to that too.  Feel free to come back anytime as our aim is to publish more techniques and tools to really help people to get the law of attraction to work for them in a conscious way. Thanks for reading.

  8. I really enjoyed reading this post.
    I grew up learning about the energies and the law of attraction and i truly believe in it.
    You covered with so much detail that i’m very glad i came across it.
    I will look forward to more of your posts, thank you for sharing it so more people learn about it.

    • Thank you for your kind comments Arlet and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It is my intention to inform not to ‘convert’ as everyone is on their own path and can come to the material in their own time. I hope that you do indeed come back as I am posting lots more on how to practically make this work. Why not look at the affirmations that I have done as well as these are very useful for everyone looking to improve their own lives. I wish you every success. Gail

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