Who am I? The first and most important question of all

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Who am I?

The question “who am I?” is the first and probably the most important question in the universe.

After all, it is the question that started it all – when consciousness became self-aware and pondered on possibilities. It begs an answer starting “I am…”, and then leaves the rest as a blank canvas on which we carve our unique experience in search of the answer.

I am … what?

In order to answer this question, the consciousness became creator and set about finding out, and we humans, (as projections of source energy and spiritual beings in human form), are the ones who are continually feeding back the possibilities. Like programs in a super computer feeding back to the mainframe every possibility in every time and every space.

Are you a doctor, a lawyer, a servant, a master? Are you experiencing riches or poverty, sickness or wellbeing? Are you living in fear or in hope, with love or with loneliness? And what are the possibilities ahead of you if you are living in any of these conditions?

This question of who we are. is the one we have all been trying to answer since the beginning, and as we live our life and expand our experience, it will always be the most eternal question, because, there are an infinity number of answers to that question.

As I write this, people all over the planet are waking up to the start of a new decade, So what better question to start with on 1sth January that this?

You see, the question, “Who am I?” is so much more than just a question about who you are now, because once you answer it, the second question is then “and who do I want to become?”

Everyone on the planet, in fact, in every living THING on the planet will answer this in a different way. That’s what makes our planet so rich and diverse. Some would call the process ‘evolution’ – a process of expansion and change based on previous experience and knowledge.

In terms of our human and spiritual evolution, this question helps us to become the creators of or own reality if we allow it too. Because it gives us a starting point and a purpose:

1. Who are we now? and

2. Who do we want to become?

When I asked myself this question today, I came to the conclusion that I am currently an educator and a writer, I understand this about myself because people pay me to teach and people pay me to write. But I am also many more things than that. I am a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend, an ex-dancer, a would-be linguist, a poor pianist and a bad cook!

I’m not moaning or complaining about being any of those things, it’s just who I have become in the several decades I’ve been living this perspective. With so many things to chose from that currently define me, asking myself the second question about who I wanted to become, was more tricky.

There was so much I could do, so much I think I should do, and still so much I dream of doing. I’m going to have to narrow it down a bit.

So for now at least, I decided that, whilst I do get paid to write (at least part of my living), my ambitions in that area are greater. I decided I want to be a better writer, in fact, I really want to be a published author so that I can go into a bookshop and see my work on the shelves. Now that, for me, would be amazing.

So this is going to be my focus in the months ahead. For now, I understand who I currently am and where I want to go/who I want to be next, I can begin the path to creating this reality.

It all starts with the first question – Who am I?

So today, as you welcome in the new decade, I invite you to ask yourself the same thing, and join me in my quest – not necessarily in becoming a published author, or even a writer unless you’ve always wanted to do that too. My invite is for you to join the quest to become the next YOU. The new and expanded version of yourself – the person you have always dreamed of becoming but never quite had the courage or the belief in yourself to put into practice.

Every single person reading this will answer this in a different way

So take some time today to answer the question for yourself:

Who are you now and who do you want to be?

Leave a comment with your answer below and over the next few days and weeks, let’s see if we can’t make some headway together on living our dreams.

2020 is a new decade, now just a new year – a perfect time to start your personal transformation towards who you really want to be – so be brave…..forget about what you want to watch on TV or what you’re going to have for dinner and ask yourself the important questions today….

All the best



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Hi. I'm Gail and I'm a teacher, coach, writer and blogger who has been involved with self-development and the performing arts for over 30 years. I'm passionate about helping people to develop their full potential and I've studied education, the law of attraction, personal development and NLP which I write about on this site.

I love working with people of all ages and backgrounds and truly believe that we are all unique, unlimited creative beings who can do wonderful things with a positive attitude and spiritual outlook on life.

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  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about “Who am I?” and explanation are given.

    If you feel good about yourself, it does not matter so much the opinion of others around you. You can have more personalities that not all people know. It is a very good and motivational article from my point of view.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    • Hi Razvanlie. Many thanks for your kind comments and I’m glad you liked the article. Feel free to share it with others. I hope it will help some others too. All the best for 2020 in whatever you choose to become. Gail 

  2. It is interesting how to answer the question, “Who am I?”. Most people start answering that, I’m a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer … but it’s not them .. it’s their profession. And you can always change your job. I think the real answer to that is much more profound. Even when we say I’m a mother, sister, daughter, it’s my relationship with other people, but it doesn’t define who I am. I am a human being, created to create, created to love, to enjoy the things I do, and to thrive.

    • That’s a very insightful point you make and I totally agree. The question can be answered on many, many levels, and it is only one’s own perspective that defines the answers we give, as I’m sure you already know. All the best with co-creating yourself and your life. With love. Gail 

  3. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. the question of who we are, is a lingering question that we all experience. trying to find my personality helps me with it and starting a new decade with much plans can determine where i want to be

    • Hi Benny. Thank you for your kind comments and I’m glad the article has inspired you to think about what you want in the coming year. All the best to you in finding out your answers. Gail 

  4. Who am I? I look at this question in so many perspectives and to help me answer it, I choose to focus on the thing I love doing like travel and wildlife and what I always desire to achieve which is finding a solution to everyday problems that people have. Hence, I try to guide people on the best way to travel and the other part is advocating for wildlife conservation and creating awareness on why all animals are important and their significance in the universe. This is just a portion of what I am there are other activities I undertake at different times or when there is a need that describes who I am like evangelism.

    • Hi Anita. Thank you for reading and commenting on my article. I’m glad you are so clear about who you are and you are doing some great things for both humans and animals. Sounds like you have a lot of plans and goals for the next year and I wish you every success in achieving them. Gail 

  5. Hiya Gail

    Happy New Year, thank you for your thought provoking article about who I am. I have found myself like a lot of people asking that very question. I am also a Mum, wife, daughter, sister and Auntie but recently I have also started blogging. 

    I hope to become successful in the near future and be good enough to make my fortune or at least a living from it. Where would you suggest I start? Do you recommend motivational videos? 

    I am training and learning new things everyday and I hope I’ll be able to earn money with it soon, thank you for giving me food for thought, krs PurpleLioness 

    • Hi there. Thanks for your comments and I’m glad you have so many roles. I wish you success in your blogging business. My advice is to learn all you can from others but write from your heart and make sure that the content you are putting out there is really going to be useful to your audience. Remember, we are helping people first and the money will flow. If you are concerned about the money, then you will be putting out a different vibration and you will attract concern for money. Read my article about money here and see if that gives you some more things to consider. Or another article about the law of attraction and money is here. There are also some useful tips on my affiliate marketing site that you might find useful too. Try here. All the best for your endeavours. Let me know how you get on. Gail. 

  6. Good to see you share this post “Who am I?” This is indeed the most important question on planet earth. Several other question can be drawn from it. If only we know who we are, life would probably be straight forward and simpler. Everyday and everytime, we keep searching who we are. I think I am an upcoming music artist because I keep getting good songs almost everyday. As a matter of fact, we can actually modify and work on who we want to be. I have some other stuffs I would want to achieve too.


    • Morning MrBizzy. Sounds like you have made a great start at answering the question for yourself and I wish you every success in your endeavours. I love music too and am also a dance teacher so love expressing myself to music. All the best today and always. Gail 

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